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    Shuffling the console cupboard around, in the meanwhile, here's the new kid asserting dominance over the old one.
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    My gaming space is a proper man cave, a room built on to the side of the house that doubles as a Mac based recording studio. Although, if I'm honest, my gaming space 90% of the time is wherever I happen to be with the old Switcheroo. God, I love that console.
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    I couldn't find a thread for this so decided to make one, a mod can merge or delete if it's an issue I'm in hospital recovering from spine surgery and my parents picked this up for me, it's the perfect game for post-op convalescence I think as the games take ages and it's all careful menu based stuff. Also I can't play that goddamn Pikachu game cause of the motion throwing 😠🤒 Had a go last night but found myself quickly getting myself into a housing crisis and a frustrated populace annoyed at lack of amenities. Then the fucking Aussies came and invaded my stagnant civilization and that was that. Started again now as Japan, trying to invest a bit more in culture and keep growth within bounds that can be supported. But now barbarians are taking advantage of my lack of military investment So it's still Civ and it's still very compulsive and addictive. The switch interface is very confusing at first but I think I've got it now. It seems to take a while to calculate turns so it will be interesting to see how it holds up in larger games with loads of civs It doesn't have online multiplayer it seems like.
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    Im still plodding away in chapter 3. Started the online last night. Here's 12 characters.
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    Wireframe have the most accurate review I’ve read so far for this - Link!
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    Love a good list, me. Metroid Prime Ocarina of time Resident evil 4 GTA San Andreas Breath of the Wild Half life 2 Mario Galaxy Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Mario kart 8 Demon's souls
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    It's fine, they'll just release Doom : Eternal and everything will be roses again.
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    Quiet is pretty awesome. There was one moment when I was doing something where I was attacking a convoy and I was just going to blow it all up with explosives. If you ask her to shoot this when you chuck the grenade it automatically goes to a target. I was blowing up the jeeps and shit and the next grenade I threw she shot it directly into an attack chopper. It was badass.
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    Dude, that just means I'll be able to play it on the Switch. Win!
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    Well,it’s fair to say there’s a lot of criticism about this game. From the barrage of bugs (I haven’t encountered any yet,but I’m only 2 hours in), to it being heavily discounted after a week. I’ve always enjoyed the series since F3. I’m aware of the many issues that 76 has,but I’m prepared to give it a chance. I’m Billy Nomates,so i’ll be playing it solo. First impressions? It’s ok. It didn’t take long for my inventory to fill up,as you constantly need to scrap stuff for materials to build anything. I hated the base building element of Fallout 4,so I won’t be bothering with that. The world definitely feels lifeless without NPCs. It gives each quest a “who cares” mentality,as you know that everyone is dead. Oh,and a lot of the music on one of the Radio stations is copied from F4. So they couldn’t even be arsed to do a new soundtrack. There’s a few new songs here and there,but after hearing at least 5 from Fallout 4,I turned the radio off. Not being able to save at all is a pain. I quit to the main menu,with no idea what progress had actually been saved. There’s no icon to show that auto saving is taking place. I took part in an Event that allegedly gave out rewards. Got nothing whatsoever. Great. Oh,and the levelling up is weird. When you choose a stat to level up,you only get a choice of two options. Compared to previous games where you had a long list to choose from.
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    The Gardens Between added to GamePass today.
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    Yay. Now there’s something to be proud of. Shall do so after work. Though I may as well do it at work,for all I do while there 😄
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    Fuckin he'll yeah. Thought she'd have got you 🤣 I remember watching Staphanie Joosten on twitch streaming herself playing MGSV. Must be strange seeing yourself in that...outfit? 😅 She was fine about it and seemed a lovely lass.
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    Same, although I'm not sad because, to be honest, Kojima is overrated as fuck.
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    I’ve been watching The Good Place too and also think it’s fantastic. Think I’m about 9 episodes in.
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    Walmart Canada strikes again
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    Yeah, I caved and got them. Still haven’t played the 3rd one or Origins but I’ll happily play the first one again.
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    The Good Place may be my favourite sit com in years. It’s absolutely brilliant.
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    The first two remastered Batman games are on sale for a tenner on PS4 which is really tempting as I fancy playing them again, but not sure I have the time as they are fairly sizeable.
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    You can get 6 months GamePass for £23.97 on the dashboard. Or at least on my dash it says that. I did it the other night. Horizon 4 is discounted pretty heavily at retail.
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    As much as I loved the game,it certainly has its flaws. Tapping X to run was a ball ache,thank god you can change it to the analogue stick. Constantly having your weapons unequipped was bloody annoying. And by the end I was using the stage coach constantly to get closer to my next mission. I can’t be arsed doing hunting/skinning. Having said that,I still very much enjoyed it. The story was good,Arthur is an interesting character. The soundtrack was great. GOTY? I’ll probably go with Spider-Man. But this was definitely worth playing. Just started Online with my cowboy, Jack Meoff. Massive beard to cover up the horrendous teeth.
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    Well, that's it. In a nutshell. There's the nutshell, and there it is. Right inside. Like a nut.
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    @RoboticMonk3y what have they done that's annoyed you? They're normally pretty sound support and community wise from what I've seen? I considered just setting up a direct debit with them, cut out the middleman.
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    Oh, hold the illuminated home button down on the controller for the power down options, that'll do both the console and the joypad. @RoboticMonk3y
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    just talk to your Kinect to do everything?
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    Going by the whole '10/10 is an outstanding example of gameplay that's not to be missed by fans of the genre and should be experienced by everyone' I'd say Mass Effect 2 and Burnout 3 deserve it. The rest are good/great, but I wouldn't say they're a perfect 10. BioShock Infinite got close for me though. Please note: I'm well aware that my shocking taste in certain games means the above opinions can't be trusted.
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    Kinda big.. I watched Making a Murder season 2. Kathleen Zellner! What a woman!
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    Congrats to Blakey for posting what must be the worst haul in this threads history
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