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  2. Yes, the question is not whether or not it has sold a lot of copies but whether it was successful at what it is supposed to be. And from the feedback I gathered, I haven't played it so everything that follows is an armchair analysis, that seems to not be the case as it's supposedly a disappointing multiplayer game with a solid campaign. The idea behind the project is to bind players to it for a long period of time with a fun and motivating multiplayer gameplay loop, which it supposedly fails at. And to which I say, well of course, that result should have been clear the moment they put Crystal
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  4. IIRC the switch was being pushed on the front page of Amazon and emails and I think they had bundle deals, I think it might have been game and console for £300 perhaps? They were certainly heavily promoting them though.
  5. If they didn't do a Llama based cover of "I don't want to miss a thing" then that seems like a missed opportunity
  6. Ghostbusters event on for Halloween. There's a glut of items you can get that are Ghostbuster related if you play for a decent session. I unlocked everything in maybe an hour of play. They're a new mode that plays like tennis where the ball moves back and for and auto aims for the goal. I can see it becoming a main fixture in the game, although I'm not sure I like it that much. Games tend to be very short, the scores only go up top 7 and and the level I play at they tend to be done before the clock gets down to 3 minutes. It's good for practicing saves
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  8. I can whole heartedly recomend Llamageddon on Prime. Heres the trailer If that doesnt sell you maybe the End Credits Theme will, "llamageddon, Llamageddon, It's a Llama Armageddon Mutha Fucka ! " I cant find the song online, I was gonnalink here,too bad.
  9. If you could get all the professional liars to play, now that would be worth watching.
  10. AOC playing some Among Us in a couple hours I got my first win as an imposter the other day, I'm getting better at this being an evil cunt stuff.
  11. I think there were a lot of game discounts on Prime Day but I’m not 100%. Only one I saw on there personally was PES 2021 reduced from £25 to £20.
  12. Did it get much competition in September tho, mainly what I look at for the health of the game is who's playing it. Player retention is the most important metric rather than pure sales.But I'm still mostly looking at it from a MMO mindset I guess, I want to find people to play it with (and I want the game to have a good gameplay loop and other general improvements). When I did play it it could hardly find anyone and sometimes it would bug out and kick people out randomly only to put them back in again. To me those problems and all the other technical issues kind of took the legs ou
  13. why the leap then, and the opening line? Like, why would people be buying Animal Crossing last week but not the week previous?
  14. maybe, but Jeff Bakula was one of the sources of this and he was misquoted. I'd also say Rich is way off if he thinks heaters begin at 2000w, you can get them from 400w. I also used to not bother turning the heating on in my room when I was playing on my old pc (much better insulated flat than the one I'm in), so it doesn't take that much but yeah, it's clearly not some massive design flaw and the console is going to be scalding people, way more was made of this than there should have been, but it's the press and blogs reporting on press and blogs
  15. radiofloyd


    Yay! Got to the final boss three times in a row today and third time was the charm. Finished with 10/300 health but I still had one resurrect left. I had a lot of Zeus boons and Exit Wounds was doing serious damage as well. I’ve done all my runs up to now with the sword, so it’s time to move on to a new weapon. I started my next run with the bow and I love it.
  16. Wasn't there a deal in place where only PlayStation received numbered entries at the time?
  17. I still don't entirely understand why Code Veronica wasn't RE4?
  18. I tried my first Perfect Relic run last night and yeah, it wasn't too bad at all. It was on the opening level though (which is a piece of piss) but yeah, I don't think it's gonna be as much of a hassle as I originally thought, although the harder levels at the end of the game will be a major pain in the arse I'm sure. Still plugging away at this, probably about 14-16 hours in. I still like it and am definitely enjoying it but feel they might've packed in a little too much stuff to do. I spent quite a bit of time going through the first 3 worlds, getting all gold relics
  19. Yeah, I'll give it a go... it's only a couple of button taps after all.👍
  20. Ah ok nice, might give it a go sometime around Xmas then if I can fit it in.
  21. For anyone that hasn't ventured into the UK/US Sales thread in the News section, this was the #1 top seller in the US for September. It's got plenty of legs left in it yet, I do think launching just before next-gen has disrupted their plans quite a bit though. From what I've heard the Campaign is excellent but everything else mediocre, I still think they can pull enough folks back in with updates and the next-gen version next year.
  22. Reviews are in: Metacritic (PC Version) OpenCritic
  23. Contrary to popular belief Devil Trigger does not in fact go well with everything I never even knew Minecraft had an esports scene
  24. This was just one of those "publishers have no idea what they're doing" moments à la Anthem. First you decide what kind of game you want, then you approach those developers that have shown they can handle it. I'm pretty sure Crystal Dynamics would have been able to ship a decent singleplayer effort by the time Endgame was being shown in cinemas -- or at the very least to coincide with its Bluray/VOD release. That way they would have had a) an all-around good game and b) would have benefitted from the still strong Avengers hype which, let's be honest, has kind of cooled off in recent months due
  25. It's stand alone so you don't need the standard game to play it Or at least I think it is, I've definitely seen that mentioned somewhere
  26. I'd say finish the main game first as it's spectacular, but you do you etc. I sold my copy back in March/April so won't be diving in but I definitely would if I still had the game.
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