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Welcome new people!


We've had a run of new members recently so we thought we should put up some helpful guidelines and links.


The Introduction Thread

Click here and go introduce yourself!


The forum software can be tailored to how you want it. By default you'll get notifications if someone @'s you or quotes you, but if you find that annoying you can turn it off.

Likewise with signatures, you can block anyone's signature if you find it annoying or even block all of them.


You can also switch between 3 different modes of viewing the forum from the main page, there's 3 icons that switch between the different views.


And you can change the theme via the drop-down menu at the bottom.


Some general guidelines we like to try to stick to:


  • Don't be a dick.
  • If you don't like something, make your point once and don't keep coming back to kick the nest.
  • Try to keep pictures to no more than 3 per post, any more put them in spoiler tags.
  • Once a game has come out and you've played it, make a thread in the Games folder if one doesn't exist first, rather than use the news thread. Use the search function.
  • Any NSFW links, please clearly mark them.
  • Again, don't be a dick.


Pretty much stick to the first and last points and it's all gravy.

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