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  1. spatular

    Your Top 10 Games

    1. Deus Ex 2. Halo 33. Project Gotham Racing 44. Rock Band 35. ketsui6. Zelda twilight princess7. Ouendan8. Persona 49. Destiny10. Mario Kart 8
  2. spatular

    Website feedback

    No I can’t see it so guess it’s working
  3. spatular


    this is on a free weekend, i started the single player, it's not really my sort of thing but i like the music and the chaos, and some of the tracks look nice. i just struggle with the concept, i want to win while not crashing into stuff, need to re-think that. and when i do try to hit the other main AI cars, i usually end up crashing myself. yeah i keep activating the super rush thing, thinking i'm close enough to some bad dudes to get them, and it does something to the perspective or something to make it look like you're going loads faster but actually barely catch up with anyone in front.
  4. spatular

    Assault Android Cactus

    yeah i played this because it was on gold, i was pretty rubbish at it, bosses gave me a lot of trouble, especially that last one ^ like illdog says, did it in the end though. i googled what you had to do on that last bit as it takes a while to get to and there were a few bits previously where you have to do something specific to get the next battery in time and it's a bit trial and error sometimes. it was alright, if you like twin stick shooters i guess it was fun, but no where near as good as geometry wars or nex machina.
  5. spatular

    Your Top 10 Games

    1. halo 3 2. halo 2 3. halo reach 4. halo 5. halo odst 6. halo 5 7. halo 4 8. halo wars 9. halo wars 2 10. halo - that crappy twin stick shooter. Let's podcast!
  6. spatular

    Twitch Prime free games

    ha, my prime just ended, suspect there might be another £50 for a year offer soon, but i want a few of those games so what the hell, signed back up
  7. spatular

    Post when you complete a game '18

    persona 3 detroit p3 dmn p5 dsn
  8. spatular

    Nintendo Switch

  9. spatular

    Splatoon 2

    great news! (maybe 14th for us) deffo getting it.
  10. spatular

    Games of E3

    i don't know, forza, cyberpunk, ori - will all most likely be great, although i'll still moan about forza. looks like halo is maybe going in a new direction so who knows. crackdown looked better than last time they showed it so stay hopeful i guess. beat saber was announced a few days earlier for psvr i think, that looks amazing (already out on pc, although maybe early access). that banana game. not sure what else. it's good that there's a new trials game on the way. that mech game on the switch looked crazy. trailer for spiderman imo was rubbish but the gameplay after looked like it could be fun. death stranding will hopefully be good but i can't be bothered with the odd trailers, i'll just play the game when it comes out.
  11. spatular

    Nintendo E3 2018

    is that a whole new game then? i just thought it was the dlc for xenoblade 2. also i want a pokeball.
  12. spatular

    Sony E3 2018

    the one that looked like quantum break, think it was called control?
  13. spatular

    Limited Run Games E3 2018

    Apparently they didn’t announce battle Garegga, if they did, that would be the first game I try to buy from them.
  14. spatular

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

    ^ yeah i can't disagree with that, although i haven't played that many, the others i have played do a better job of keeping things interesting than persona 3 imo. i stuck with it and not sure that was a good idea, i got pretty fed up with it for a while but near the end it started to pull me back in and i was enjoying it again, anyway it's done now.
  15. spatular

    Devolver Digital E3 2018

    ^ Yeah that looks ace.