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  1. retroed

    PlayStation Store PSN Deals

    Mass Effect Andromeda is £6.49 for the next couple of weeks. I'm going to grab it at that price. There's a demo for anyone on the fence. BF1 and Titanfall 2 Ultimate Bundle is £11.99 for PS+ users. Absolutely crazy good deal. BioShock Collection is £10.49.
  2. retroed

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    I've had an urge to play Wildlands for a little while now, so when I saw the Gold Edition as a special offer on The Game Collection I took the punt. Paid £18.95 (gone up by a tenner now), it comes with season pass and other digital goodies.
  3. retroed

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    H1Z1: Battle Royale is now available for download. 10.624GB. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0017-CUSA11745_00-H1Z1CONSOLE00001
  4. retroed

    Giant Bomb Mega Thread

    Sub expired but conveniently they're on sale until the 23rd. $5 more than last time, though.
  5. retroed


    I am glad there was a beta as I can now strike the full game off any potential purchase list I had in my head. I hope it's a success for Codies, but it's not for me.
  6. retroed


  7. retroed


  8. retroed

    E3 2018 (09/06/18 - 12/06/18)

    I really want a new 2D Mario title on Switch.
  9. retroed

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Get funky. 😎
  10. retroed

    What're ye buyin'?

    Hyrule Warriors DE is £36.99 @ Smyths . Octopath Traveler is out 13/07, and £34.99 @ Smyths. Dragon Quest XI is £36.99 @ Smyths.
  11. retroed

    Game of the Year 2018

    GotY 2018 1: Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology 2: Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom 3: Celeste 4: God of War 5: Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition 6: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 7: Monster Hunter World 8: South Park: The Fractured But Whole 9: Kirby Star Allies 10: Burnout Paradise Remastered Multiplayer 1: Fortnite: Battle Royale 2: Monster Hunter World 3:  4: 5: Games not from 2018 discovered in 2018 1: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 2: Night in the Woods 3: DiRT 4 4: Battle Chef Brigade 5: Pokken Tournament DX  "Indie" Games of 2018 1: Celeste 2: Rogue Aces 3: 4: 5:
  12. retroed

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    It's this game's fault, and now season four has just started so of course I bought the battle pass. It's so much fun, though.
  13. retroed

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    More PSN sale items to add to my virtual pile of shame. Nex Machina - £6.49, and KoF XIV (special anniversary edition) - £13.49