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  1. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    Paradise was fucking amazing. The demo was terrible but the finished product was just the best fun to play and then they added a load of DLC to make it even better. The bikes were superb fun. And the island. The only sour moment was the cops and robbers mode which was a boring waste of a good idea.
  2. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    If it’s exactly as it sounds like it is and they haven’t broken it in some way (Digital Foundry to the rescue), I’ll be all in on this. Paradise is the best Burnout, @Blakey, are you nuts?
  3. Darkest Dungeon

    Made another MFG team and so far after a fair few battles only Ben has fallen. Because of how easily people die, I’m not gonna be strict about the naming so I’ll quite happily replace a dead hero with a new one with “the 2nd” or whatever added to their name. Seeing as religious team members won’t work with the abomination, I’ve started making separate teams. The abomination is great killing the fuck out of people but the transformation from man to beast makes everyone else’s stress rocket up. I’m gonna have to look into the best way to handle him.
  4. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    Any ideas on price yet? It has to be no more than 30 quid, right? Edit: 35, apparently and no mention of Switch version so that makes that decision easier.
  5. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    I’d probably go PS4 mostly due to a bigger leaderboard.
  6. Microsoft consoles and dashboards

    Haven’t tried the bog standard SuperHot, but the VR version is incredible. A good one to try.
  7. RiME

    Apart from gameplay niggles like not being able to climb stuff you should be able to, I really enjoyed this. Anyone who got this on PS+ should certainly give it a fair shake. I thought the story was handled well. @regemond details it better than I could but I wouldn’t recommend opening the spoiler tags until you’ve finished it. I wasn’t planning on playing it again but you never know. It’s relatively short and not too tricky with the puzzles.
  8. Post when you complete a game '18

    RiME (PS4) Lovely stuff. Now to read the spoiler tags.
  9. PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition

    Bought the ultimate pack on PC, not sure I’ll ever get round to it but I’ll try to.
  10. PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition

    Maybe wait out the Switch version.
  11. The Hot Topic

    Worth noting that this subject comes up on this week’s upcoming podcast. I think my tastes have grown but I always tried a bit of everything when I was a kid. I’m still not overly keen on anime JRPG’s but I will try more or less anything that gets recommended a lot.
  12. RiME

    Made a bit more progress, feels like I’m approaching the end. To give a spoiler free description of where I’m up to - made some friends and I’m not sure whether I played a flashback section or flash forward. There appears to be a lot of collectibles I’ve missed but I’m not fussed about finding them, if they appear in front of me I’ll grab them but I’m not gonna 100% it.
  13. The MFGamers Podcast

    MFGamers Podcast - Hangout October 2017 @Blakey hosts @DANGERMAN, @mr lakitu and @radiofloyd to discuss what they have been playing. This podcast was originally recorded live over Google Hangouts in October 2017 and has been heavily edited to remove most of what had dated it like news and new releases. Theme music by @mr lakitu, background music and edit by me. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602
  14. Dandara

    Looks like one to replace Celeste when i’m done with that.
  15. TV Shows

    I enjoyed series 2 of Stranger Things. Sweet ending from what I remember, and there’s an interview series as well with loads of cast members and the brothers who made it.