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  1. DifferentClass

    Devil May Cry 5

    Yeah, DMC are gameplay driven games. The plot is a footnote. It's like getting the plot of Monster Hunter spoiled.
  2. DifferentClass

    The MFGamers Podcast

    I think I can be down with the youth on tiger bread. I think I'd like someone to dab unironically in front of me. I used to work with someone who was known to do it but they never did in my presence. Maybe he felt it wasn't possible to do around someone born in the 80s, like he wouldn't do it around his grandparents. Dammit I'm not over the hill yet is what I'm saying *dabs*
  3. DifferentClass

    The Grand Tour Game

    And on that bombshell!..
  4. DifferentClass

    The Grand Tour Game

    Can't wait for the episode where you punch your employee when your steak isn't warm enough.
  5. DifferentClass


    This looks like it'll probably be a reboot of an old RTS of the same name. It was a game in the style of Commando. Maybe they'll go a bit more Xcom with it since that is familiar to people now but who knows. Not my jam, anyway.
  6. DifferentClass

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    The new Claire reminds me of when the got Emilia Clarke to play Sarah Conner.
  7. DifferentClass

    Daemon X Machina

    I'm not a robot anime guy but games like that always look awesome but often play a little weird. I still hope it plays a little weird but in a way I like.
  8. DifferentClass

    The MFGamers Podcast

    I think its a big cat. The cast is a strange bunch. Yeah, I don't know what Code of Princess is either. Japan's answer to Call of Duty for all I know.
  9. DifferentClass

    The MFGamers Podcast

    So I chill out on the couch, put the latest MFGamers podcast on and I find I get moaned at in the intervals. I guess I never posted because I don't think a lot about predicting how well something will do or if it will be good or not, I just keep an eye on what I'm interested in and I'm just a bit Que Sera, Sera about it. Proper flops are a rare thing and I think 95% will find an audience to sustain them. But if anyone wants to know my expertise on how well the fighting games will do well I'll post a little something. Soul Calibur VI I don't really know. Tekken 7 did really well out of the gate but dropped like a stone after a month. But at the same time, it has done well enough long term to justify a second season of characters. I suspect SC will do similarly. I always felt like SC was in the shadow of Tekken but I see more excitement for SCVI than I did for Tekken 7 but I wasn't really paying attention to that so I can't say for sure. I think it might do better than Tekken 7. Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch I dunno. I've seen the beta been played and it looks and runs a lot like the home version, and the online looks to be not that far away from it. I can see some double dipping by the Serious Boys who like the idea of getting some lab time during their train journeys and lunch breaks. I think they could pick up some stragglers that missed the original release but I wonder if it was maybe more of a tech test for the developers. SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ I don't have a clue. It's for the weeb boys who like their young girls all blushing and tits. I'm sure it will do fine. It has a gender-swapped Terry Bogard (Terri?) in it. Her hat says "Fatal Cutie" on it. That's all I have to say about it. Apart from SCVI the fighting game I'm looking forward to is Blade Strangers:
  10. DifferentClass

    Filip Miucin and other tales of plagiarism

    I did chuckle every time the dude in the video called him by his full name "Confirmed Plagiarist, Filip Miucin". I don't understand someone like him. People are even willing to do this shit for free in their spare time so to be lucky enough to make a living off it surely means you could at least make some original content. I'm not even sure it's laziness as I'm sure it's some work sourcing and finding stuff you can get away with plagiarising... maybe even more than just composing your own thoughts into a script. I don't get it. I... I kinda suspect I may have been plagiarised a little once. I followed a channel from really early on so they were eager to conjure up followers on social media and I chatted with these lads over Twitter on a few occasions. This was at a time I was posting semi-regularly on my Destructoid Community Blog and one of my posts was about DmC. It was just some impressions of the demo which came out a few months before the game itself. I used a specific analogy to sum up my conclusion of the game, and when DmC was actually released they reviewed it on their channel which used the same analogy. And it wasn't a common one... no other review or impression I came across used it. And I did tend to share links to my stuff on Twitter so a bit of me thinks they saw it. I sort of confronted them about it but they ignored me when usually they were good with replies. I guess I'm not too bothered really, but if I was a real inspiring critic I would have been quite livid.
  11. DifferentClass

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm liking those vaguely Nordic classic Zelda-SoM-likes.
  12. DifferentClass

    The Hot Topic

    They just announced a sequel to Windjammers so I'm pretty certain anything can happen at the moment. But Outrun 3, please. Thank you. Or even let that Ridge Racer 8 rumour be real. I need my drifting fix.
  13. DifferentClass

    Nintendo Switch

    Did they just drop Windjammers 2 all casual like?
  14. DifferentClass

    Dead Cells

    If you haven't got the Hunter's Grenade yet (I think that's what it's called) go for that. You get an enemies health down to 40% then throw it at them. It turns them into an elite but you are certain to get a blueprint.
  15. DifferentClass

    Enter the Gungeon

    I've still been on this regularly. I've got the proper ending for three of the four main characters but I'm having the worst luck with him. It'd the pilot that I have left who has the worst starting weapon and a lockpick. The lockpick should make things easier but it only works 50% of the time and seals the lock if it fails. I'm just having awful luck with that a lot and having bad starts. It's odd because I did get to the final character exclusive final boss but I wasn't expecting it since it was the first time I got to it and wasn't expecting it. Plus after doing the others the pilot's is kinda weird comparatively and I died before I knew what was happening. I just can't get to it now and it's kinda frustrating. After I've done that I can get the proper proper ending and then that's another thing to fight through and I've seen it and it does look really hard. And then after that, I can go for the new route that was added in the Gungeons and Draguns content update... *sighs" And I can try and figure out how to unlock the final hidden character if I feel that's not enough...