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  1. Onrush

    This game is giving me those Motorstorm: Pacific Rift feels. Probably one of the most underrated racing games. If I have the cash it could be day one for me. Not done that with a racing game since... Forza 3, maybe?
  2. Monster Hunter World

    I'm never going to be able to beat Tempered Kirin, I'm sure of it. So Kirin is an Electric Type and pretty much all of the high-level Mons have a weakness to thunder apart from Kirin. So maybe I need to hunt a herd of Kirins for the armour to stand a chance against it. But I don't really enjoy the fight a whole lot. I guess it doesn't have a lot of HP but its small, quick and has powerful area attacks that still hit even when you think you're safe. The Tempered Kirin does double horizontal lightning attacks and there was a point I was sure I was between them but safe... but no, insta-kill from full health. But I've just been farming the heck out of the game now. I have a lot of top-tier weapons and I have multiple sets of high-level armour (my Azure Rathalos set is the best thing I have with some thunder resistance) but I still can't beat this damn Tempered Kirin. I have set a goal for myself though. I want Hunter Rank 100 then I'll call it on the game. But fucking Kirin...
  3. Axiom Verge

    Your Mrs needs new ears
  4. DOOM

    I came to post about the gyro controls in the Switch version because it has lifted my interest in the game again. I'll now maybe stretch to £30 now. But then I just think WHY NOT PUT THIS IN THE OTHER CONSOLE VERSIONS AS WELL GOD SAKE WHY CAN NO ONE SEE HOW GOOD THEY ARE IN SPLATOON!
  5. TV Shows

    Yeah, Google is an idiot. Rath gets PTSD from WW1
  6. TV Shows

    Really? Where did you read that? It's set in 1929, and I'm no historian but I'm sure that's before WW2. A plot point is the main dude is a WW1 survivor. Oh, and I watched it on NowTV
  7. TV Shows

    So, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Babylon Berlin in some thread. I thought it was this one but obviously not. It's great. It's an actual from Germany detective noir set pre WW2, and the culture that lead to the rise of the Natzis is part of the story. So of course it makes it weirdly relevant for today in the UK. But it's a German take on prestige television that's been going on in America and the UK. I love me a musical piece so I really adore this scene: It also has the most disturbing drowning scene I've ever seen as well. It's a great show.
  8. The Hot Topic

    When I was a kid I played what was bought for me and then when I started earning my own scratch I bought a lot of different things but didn't really master or even finish many of them. I think I still do that to an extent but now I buy a lot less, so in a way my 30s are like my childhood days since I play and try to master what I have, and buy games that lend themselves to playing them like that. Like last month Monster Hunter and Dragon Ball coming out the same day is gonna have me set for months.
  9. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    I don't use a controller or the default buttons but do you mean that tag counter @illdog? Yeah, I don't use it as much as I should. While it gets people off you when cornered you can't combo off it like a regular tag since it resets everyone to a neutral position, it's a "get off me" move, but I mostly push my luck and try to get a normal tag in so I can get more damage. I get punished a lot though because they're baiting me and giving me space to tag so they can launch me as I come in. I should use that tag counter a lot more and use it to regroup. Oh, and no I wasn't talking about that with my suggested combo. So the buttons on XO, I assume, what I'm suggesting you try is light auto combo, Fireball at the top, just as it finishes vanish and as you see yourself leave the botton of the screen (I'm not sure of the timing you get a feel for it) you press I think RB in default controls and when you do it in the air, instead of launching it smacks them down. For reference the end part of that combo I do in the YouTube video I posted right near the start. Also, if you feel like surprising someone when you hit RB and then one of the tag buttons during the animation you bring their character out. Good for getting characters near death trying to heal up.
  10. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    I thought I'd mentioned it one of my previous posts (I must have just spoke about it) but the servers are busted on PS4, too. A somewhat consistent fix for now is going into less populated lobbies. I think they get less stable with over 40 people in them. But we're still waiting on a patch. They said they're aware and working on it, for what it's worth. Are you slotting in your Vanish attacks @illdog? Because to get a bit more damage after fireball (or as us Dragon Ballers call it a Kamehameha) you could vanish, then hit Dragon Rush (the game's throw equivalent) to meet them in the air and slap them down. Or you could also go into Super after Vanish if your character has an air one.
  11. Iconoclasts

    I'm still gonna get Owlboy but I do have my hopes in check.
  12. Dandara

    I didn't play Ori so I don't know. I guess it's just new to me. Yeah, it's from Brazil and not a lot of games come from there (I think that odd first person brawler was South American as well) so it does give a distinct flavour.
  13. Iconoclasts

    I got this a while back and I see no-one else got it so I'll put something here about it. I was always going to get this because frankly it feels kinda tailor made for me. It looks like another pixelated "Metroidvania" but that would actually be fairly inaccurate. While the action looks like it takes inspiration from those kinds of games its actually closer to the Wonder Boy games - or more specifically Monster World IV. This feels like if SEGA published a game to compete against Metroid in the 16bit era and it was made by Treasure. It's that good. So you jump and shoot around (some really nice, tight, satisfying controls), solving some surprisingly clever puzzles and fighting really cool bosses. Whats interesting about the bosses is they nearly always bring a new mechanic with them that you have to learn to use over the fight. Sometimes you even take control of another character entirely that you've not used at this point. It really brings a new panic to the fights, but you have enough life to learn and make a few mistakes without dying and having to start over. It's got a real JRPG scale story as well. You often have party members, there is loads of lore and your antagonists get some JRPG level characterisation as well. It really has more than you'd expect for an action game. I wouldn't say its that good, but I admire the thought. It gives the game a certain personality at least. Like Axiom Verge, it's entirely made by one guy so a certain personality is gonna come out I guess. Early 2018 has been kinda insane for these kinds of games but don't forget this one as well. It's the real deal.
  14. Dandara

    I've seen no mention of this game yet. Like a lot of games like this, it was pushed a bit on the Switch store but it's out on pretty much everything. I thought it looked really damn cool so I bought it. So its a platform kind of game but you don't move in the traditional way. You use the analogue stick to point yourself in the way you want to go and you zip there with a direct trajectory. It's a game you have to really learn from scratch as it's not quite like anything else. When combat is introduced it does vaguely (very vaguely) remind me of PN.03 and I'll take anything that gives me the feeling that game did. Your shot can be aimed the same way as the jump but it has a very short range, though it does have a bit of a spread. It means you really have to get in there to defeat enemies and it makes you really learn this kind of movement the hard way. Yeah, the game is pretty hard, babies. It's kinda preposterous with the plot. As it says in the trailer: "explore a directionless world", and a lot of the messaging in the game is this on the nose. So far I've inspired an artist and a musician to help me and their assistance actually moves parts of the world. But its so earnest I love it. And the one boss I've fought is basically M. Bison's (Dictator for our Japanese readers) disembodied head. There so many games like this at the moment so I think its got lost but I would say it's worth trying. It's a cool game.
  15. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    Been in the lab with Goku Black and came up with a combo after seeing someone dash cancel out of his dive kick move in a stream and a lightbulb went off: As much as I'm here to show that off, I think it's also a reason why I'm really into fighting games right now. I feel like I really discovered that combo (where I saw the initial dash cancel didn't follow up with much... maybe they were hiding tech, dropped it, who knows) and it is such a good feeling landing it in a proper match. I never thought I would since I fuck it up all the time in training but the day after I discovered it this poor soul saw the end of it. Goku Black is an edgelord. He's the Akuma of the game so you see him a lot, but I bet not a lot pull this shit off (I've never had it used, or attempted against me). But to be truthful, this guy was really good, and while I won this match he got someone to hold his jacket while he kicked my arse and watched me drop all my other combos all over the shop. Fighting games really are cool.