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  1. Pikman

    Nintendo Switch

    I wonder if it works cross country? Guessing maybe not, although my account is still set to UK so might work. If so, I am game, good idea!
  2. Pikman

    Octopath Traveller

    I had to Google that also, I had no idea to begin with, not sure what party is best to be honest. I have H'aanit available but not used her, will try and see if she compliments better. The issue I am finding is with Tressa (I think), she doesn't cause any damage to the big enemies (even when broken). I guess I need to save up for a better bow...
  3. Pikman

    Octopath Traveller

    Funny, I got so bored of Bravely but this has sucked me in. Started Chapter 2 for Tressa now, recommended lev22 and I cannot get through it at all. The end boss can KO me in one round, lol. Its weird as everyone is around lev 22, not that far off. I agree that some of the battles can last too long, its simply a case of having enough stock in the inventory to make it through. Spent the last couple of nights wandering to bump them up a bit (I couldn't write that I spent 2 nights grinding) and will try the end of Tressa's chapter 2 again soon. Good idea to switch chapters, that might work for me also! I have 6 of the characters and am using, Tressa, Olberic, Therion and Cyrus for the most part. Not sure they are such a great team :S
  4. Pikman

    Nintendo Switch

    Isn't it sad that we can decide this before it is even finished and that you are probably right?!
  5. Pikman

    Octopath Traveller

    Yeah, I have All the ones I have completed have been local to each city so far, just a case to talking to everyone - having a thief helped a lot too as some items needed to be stolen from others. Not sure if they connect wider although I think they might. It does seem like the individuals skills are needed. One of them I had to fight by challenging them... I think after this village (my 6th) I will skip on to chapter 2 for a bit more variety. Only max lev16 though so we will see...
  6. Pikman

    Octopath Traveller

    I am 8 hours in to this, didn't really mean to pick it up as I am playing Fallout 4. I enjoyed the demo and once I hit 3 hours I simply had to continue. Oddly enough I got bored with Bravely Default but this is not happening here, totally engrossed. It is all I have done every night since release (once everyone is in bed). I started with the scholar and now have run through 5 of the intro stories, feels like a lot of introductions which I know I will forget as I am reading too many books at the same time :D. Looking forward to it all getting going now and so am headed to a chapter 2 (about 8 levels too low) so let's see what happens! It looks really lovely and has certainly pulled me in!
  7. Pikman

    Valkyria Chronicles 4

    Me too, cant wait! The first is quality I don't think I played the middle ones, although I guess it won't matter. For me it was just about the gameplay and not the story.
  8. Pikman

    Fallout 4

    Good time to start this when thinking about changing jobs, making a big push on learning German and a generally full life. I am absorbed... I am also struggling now, it was going well for the first few hours and now, just after diamond city I found a medical centre, used all my stimpaks to get inside and then got destroyed by robots, lol. I guess I will go back to an earlier save and circumvent it until later!! Shame as I found a nice energy weapon too :S Great game so far. I honestly can't tell much difference between how I feel about this vs Fallout 3. Both grabbed me for a while and I suspect that will the former I will also stop and move on to something else before I finish the main story. I have mainly just been doing side quests so far, fat lot of good that did...
  9. Pikman

    Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze

    Picked this up again on Switch for a plan journey, glad I did as we were mega delayed. Game me plenty of time to bash through a few worlds! I can't yet figure out how to 100% a level though, do you just need to have all KONG and Puzzle pieces? When looking at the completion before starting a level it has three 'badges'. Awesome game, everything about it, just love
  10. Pikman

    Snake Pass

    I fucking hate this game, it is also awesome
  11. Pikman

    South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    I have never played any of these games and this is out on Switch soon. Is it worth going for having no experience of the original?
  12. Pikman

    Axiom Verge

    Just started this on Switch, few hours in now. LOVE it. TBH I missed a lot of the old 2D metroidvania games but it does somehow bring back a lot of memories. I cant fault it so far. My wife sure as hell can though, apparently the music is super annoying. For me it is all part of the charm
  13. Pikman


    Yup, online and with iOS and Android crossplay! Anyone up for a game? This is me: nyjNl0CsC8OInpGC
  14. Pikman

    TV Shows

    Stop at the first
  15. Pikman

    Netflix recommendations

    ooo, Dark is EXCELLENT too!