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  1. Onrush

  2. Fortnite

    I might have to get the Battle Pass, I googled it and it's apparently only £8 which is a pretty great deal. I guess I'll need to get another one next season or something? But yeah, still good value. I should've mentioned this in my previous post, but I really like how everything carries over from one platform to the next, I logged into my PSN account thru the iOS app and everything was there waiting for me as I let it.
  3. Detroit: Become Human

  4. Fortnite

    Been trying out a bit of Fortnite on the iPad tonight. It’s surprisingly good, the controls are a bit strange at first with the touch screen stuff and the graphics definitely take a hit but after awhile you get used to it, took me about 5 games but this was my best result 🙌
  5. Post your latest gaming purchases

    Ridiculously jealous @Nag enjoy
  6. Nintendo Switch

  7. Random News

    There is this article on it, but it doesn't exactly explain much. Sounds like they're having some argument over Sony's/Amazon's % cut of the price. Presumably Amazon wants a special deal as they're huge and Sony is like 'nope' but that's pure speculation on my part there, could easily be the other way round.
  8. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    I agree. It sounds to me like the SP got scrapped halfway through development and they started over but then realised it would come out shite or really short so scrapped it - or it's gonna come as dlc/an expansion later down the line. 3 years for CoD studios now yeah, no excuse for it but it sounds like Treyarch's idea for the campaign was too ambitious and it got scrapped, who knows. I'm still hoping it's all bollocks but the more sources that come out the more nailed on it looks.
  9. Far Cry 5

    Yeah that would definitely be an immersion breaking getting blissed whilst flying luckily all the times its happened to me I was just knocking about an outpost or cache or some shit so it didn't seem too jarring. Played another 4 hours today - 17 total - and I've got most of Faith's area done. I've settled into a comfortable grove with it now, it isn't really surprising me as it did the early hours and that Skyrim-ness of the discovery has gone away a little bit when I've focused on an objective or something, I have tried to just forget about my destination on occasion and see what kind of mischief I can get into. I think it's really nice how they've differentiated the area between John and Faith's. Faith's is a lot more mountainous and there seems to be a lot more caves and convents, along with the bliss everywhere, the Angel's add a nice new enemy type to the mix and they are basically zombies in all but name which is cool. It's little things and the overall look is obviously the same frontier wilderness type vibe but it's cool there's variety there and you can clearly say 'yup, I'm in Faith's zone'. I much prefer her story missions to John's too, John's were a little dull at times but all the trippy shit - whilst done before - can't help but impress me, I always think of the quest in Fallout 3 Point Lookout and every time I encounter one since it always manages to put a smile on the face. Aside from a few moments and a few of the zanier side quests I've not really seen the batshit craziness I expected from the reviews, I mean yes rolling up to an Outpost with a Cougar and Bear and seeing them maul tons of Angels to death is always a fun sight but once you've seen that a few times it's just the norm rather than surreal. Faith's stuff is obviously zany too but that is an FC staple at this point. So yeah I'm enjoying it a lot and time seems to just fly by so it's definitely engrossing but I can't say it's surprising or amazing me at this point now, we'll see how it goes on.
  10. Kingdom Hearts III

  11. Shenmue 1 & 2 HD

    No idea, I presume they’ll do it in a way that they won’t look shit but who knows, maybe it’ll be a 16:9 zoom or OG 4:3 with borders option but I highly doubt the latter, lots of folks would be pissed with that. Have to wait for more info, I’m sure we’ll find out resolutions etc. At e3 at the latest.
  12. [Rumour/Leak] Battlefield V

    RUMOUR: Battlefield V Battle Royale prototype is in the works (Campaign still part of package) Also: Battlefield V team loves that Call of Duty may ditch its campaign
  13. Shenmue 1 & 2 HD

    Yeah, scalable screen res, modern/classic controllers and updated user interface.
  14. Spider-Man

    New Screenshots and concept art
  15. Shenmue 1 & 2 HD

    Please don't ruin anything about the games for new folks please @Sly Reflex If you must talk about the ending please use spoiler tags.