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  1. Metal Gear Survive

  2. Onrush

    Yeah, it's made by the same folks that made the Motorstorm series - now under the Codemasters unbrella - so there will be lots of similarities. Looks bloody fantastic, wish it wasn't coming out the same day as Vampyr though but that's me being picky.
  3. Burnout Paradise Remastered

  4. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    Played them all @regemond The open world and bland track/city layouts killed Paradise for me. Burnout 3 is the best arcade racer of all time. Custom built tracks, peerless speed, an incredible soundtrack and that visceral slam of taking a car down just cannot be matched. The risk/reward of using your burnout gauge too and the meaty crash mode. It is pure magic.
  5. Onrush

    More details:
  6. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    Burnout 3 is the best @Hendo Paradise is the worst
  7. God of War 3

    Only had time for a 100 minute session today. I’m still strangely impressed with it, that Chronos fight was absolutely mad and I’ve fallen in love with thit fixed camera even more. There’s this one shot of Kratos asking down a spiral staircase shown from above and its just perfect, you just don’t get those artistic, cinematic angles from an OTS or FPS camera setup. This may sound exceptionally silly, but I’ve never got far enough into a GoW game to realise you get different weapons I always assumed it was just the bog standard chain hooks that get upgraded as you go through, but having access to all these different weapons and the way you can sync them all together in combat -if you’re not just button mashing like I am most of the time - looks and feels so damn spectacular. I do feel ridiculously overpowered at the moment though with Hercules’ huge knuckle weapons and all the other goodies, mowing through every enemy I encounter like nobodies business. The Aphrodite bit I cringed a lot over, it just shows its age really, it is funny but it’s also a bit weird, especially playing it on the family TV. Oh Kratos, you utter asshat.
  8. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    It’s a nope from me, 3 or 4 would’ve been a Day 1 buy. Comes out the same day as Kirby and 3 days after DMC HD anyway.
  9. Biomutant

  10. The Hot Topic

    The era's of my game history: Years 1-13: Almost exclusively Platformers of all shapes and sizes Years 13-20: Mainly Shooters of all shapes and sizes Years 20-23: A lot of RPGs of all shapes and sizes, indies, walking simulators Years 23-28: Pretty much everything, JRPGs, action hack n' slash, walking simulators, indies, survival horror, platformers, RPGs, CRPGs, GaaS, Shooters, Puzzle games, pretty much everything - like to experiment and stray outside my comfort zone often. Now I've reached the JRPG Elysium, there's no place further on the gaming pyramid.
  11. Nintendo Switch

  12. God of War 3

    Started the Remaster earlier, put about 4 hours in. Got further than my first attempt back in the PS3 original anyway where I abandoned it shortly after the opening sequence 😂 Playing on Easy as I’ve always died tons of time in the past games, just wanted to breeze through and enjoy this. And I am quite enjoying it, it feels like a throwback. Games just aren’t made like this anymore, it’s cool to play a game with fixed camera angles too as that has almost completely been abandoned in AAA games these days. Sure, it means you’ll misjudge a jump and plunge to your death because of the camera at times, but there’s little to no penalty and it does give it a different feel and sense of scale that over-the-shoulder cameras can’t in a way. It still looks bloody brilliant as well, they’ve done a top Remaster job. I don’t know if there’s any Pro enhancements coming into play but it definitely pops on my TV, crazy to think this is a PS3 games, the only time you notice it is a few of the textures look decidedly last gen, apart from this though you can hardly notice. The set pieces have been fantastic, much has been spoken about the opening, but it still stands up today, the Hermes chase across Olympus was great too. But it’s the puzzles and platforming that have really felt like something different. The on-rails nature of some of the boss fights and some dreary looking cave environments are the only two negative points I have really, Kratos is still an unlikeable cunt too, but then we knew that already. No idea how much longer I’ve got left, it’s got a decidedly end game feel to it at the moment but I keep feeling like something will happen and Kratos will have to start back down in the River Styx 😂 Some pics:
  13. Sea of Thieves