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  1. Blakey

    The Hot Topic

    God of War, MHW and Ys VIII are my top 3 from this year.
  2. Blakey


    Watching the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts series on YT and the trailers for KH3 have compelled me to go on a bit of a Disney/Pixar film binge. This started at the cinema on Tuesday with Incredibles 2 which I liked but didn’t really love. I then watched Frozen and whilst it has its moments it was ok and charming enough but not fantastic by any means in my view. Moved on to Finding Dory which I’ve had recorded on my Sky Q box forever and absolutely adored it, it truly is a charming, magnificent and surprisingly funny film, liked it more than Finding Nemo which I saw years back. I then moved on to Monsters University and am about 30 minutes in. Still got Cars 3, Moana and Zootropolis to watch from my Sky Q collection.
  3. Blakey


    So yeah, the British OWL team got to the Season 1 Grand Finals
  4. Blakey

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Resident Evil 2 CE details
  5. Blakey

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Well yeah I agree on that, does seem like GG's MO, they did similar with Allison Rapp at Nintendo. Still doesn't make Gunn's past comments go down any smoother but I agree that Disney maybe shouldn't of capitulated to the baying mob so easily.
  6. Blakey

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Bit gutted with that news to be honest but when you’re a public figure it’s just not cool to be making those kind of jokes in the public eye in the past or present. At least GotG3 may be a little better now at least, GOTG2 was probably my worst Marvel movie.
  7. Blakey


    Tipsy @Sly Reflex 😂
  8. Blakey


  9. Blakey


  10. Blakey

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    So are pre-orders ok to post in here now?
  11. Blakey


  12. Blakey


    It’s actually from South Park originally, I believe there’s some of my posts on the old forum that have me using the term that predate LiS. Also, Chloe is a fucking legend.
  13. Blakey

    Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA

    I'm about 44 hours in now, just reached Chapter 6. THIS GAME GUYS. Jesus, it just keeps getting better and better as it goes on, some JRPGs tend to peter out or begin to get long in the tooth at this point (Persona 5 I'm looking at you) but this just keeps getting more intriguing, throwing more elaborate dungeons, enemies and puzzles at you and introducing you to new mysterious locales. The story is just masterful, I know I've touched on it before but the whole duel-era stuff is incredibly cool and not something that I've seen done in an awful lot of games before, that duality of the story, how mysterious, intriguing and engaging it is just pulls you in deeper and deeper, you just want to get to the next story point to find out what the fuck is going to happen next. It's so incredibly addictive making sure you've got all the areas up to 100% discovered with all chests and harvest points collected along with discovering all the location points and what not, it appeals to my inner Ubisoft fan on almost every level. The island is such a cool place to explore with so many varied areas different from one another that it's a real delight as well. No idea how long I've got left but I would go so far as to say this is a masterpiece at this point.
  14. Blakey


    I think most of them look hella rad myself, there are exceptions though like the camouflaged CoD PS4/XBOne etc. a few years back and some others but I like most of them that I've seen. Saying that, I'd never actually buy one - the closest I've been is getting the GoW3 LE 360 years ago - but they're great collectors pieces if you've got that sort of money knocking about. I also think most of them would look ghastly in the TV cabinet but in my room with all the other collectible junk I've got in there they'd suit.