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  1. Bigkopman

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    It's not a bad game, by any means but different more fun in co op.
  2. Bigkopman

    Battlefield V

  3. Bigkopman

    Elite: Dangerous

    Wow, you have some patience helping Roy. Well done to both of you.
  4. Bigkopman

    Elite: Dangerous

    You should copy that post and send it to then via email or break it down over twitter. I think a lot of fellow Commanders will be behind you on this one.
  5. Saw this in Tescos yesterday for both. No idea how long for. It was like a wretched hive full of scum and villainy.
  6. Bigkopman

    The MFGamers Podcast

    Ssssh you. The new guest is just as bad.
  7. Bigkopman

    The MFGamers Podcast

    Another great podcast!
  8. Bigkopman

    Final Fantasy VII

    Yeah, same here. Arrived at Casa Del Sol where Hojo has got his Snoop Dogg thing going on with his bitches on the beach. Heading on to Barret's home town and found out why he has a shower head attached to his arm and how he fucked up Brexit for his town. Considering how sad the story was going, it seemed to be the right time to go and play some arcade games at the Golden Saucer, including a Moogle sex sim, and then get kicked out of the saucer for suspected murder. (Not spoilering this) and ended up in Prison. Seemed too much drama for the time being, a bit like an Ant McPartlin documentary, so saved it here.
  9. Bigkopman

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    I know that feeling. I'm holding off for Nex as I reckon it'll be a PS Plus freebie once day. I might crumble and buy Yakuza Kiwami for a tenner.
  10. Bigkopman

    Elite: Dangerous

  11. Bigkopman

    Elite: Dangerous

    Exactly this. I also jumped on this again last night with Sly and our friend, Jaydredd, and it's surprising what you remember after not playing a committed game for months. After a few pointers from both, I was hyper-spacing like Chewie around systems and landing my ship perfectly, 3 times in a row 1st time, a particular highlight. We were saying how much it's like driving after a long stint away from it. As soon as your behind the wheel, it all comes back. Will enjoy this more this time around me thinks.
  12. Bigkopman

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Well I ended up pre-ordering this in the end. As you do.
  13. Bigkopman

    Currently listening to....

    A few more, couldn't be addressed to link anything: High Focus label - Verb T and Pitch 92' Good Evening'Verb T 'The Man with the Foggy Eyes'Verb T - 'The Morning Process'Fliptrix - 'Patterns of Escapism'The Four Owls - 'Natural Order'Ocean Wisdom - 'Chaos '93' & 'Wizville'A.F.R.O / Polo EPRival Sons - 'Hollow Bones'
  14. Bigkopman


    Not bad, really, for a an arcade machine that has thousands of games on it on the house.
  15. Bigkopman


    What's the overall cost in doing all of this? Asking for a friend....