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  1. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    Paradise was better socially but 3/Takedown was so much more tighter game play wise, and it had a proper crash mode too. Better soundtrack as well.
  2. Post your latest gaming purchases

    Bought a few things in the Lunar sale.. WiC is probably in my top 10 of all time because of the multiplayer. (8v8 but you don't control a whole army, you pick between Air, Infantry, Support or Armour in one big army) The official servers are dead now unfortunately. But I wanted to play after playing Ground Control. GOGs version is apparently less buggy than Steams. Edit: I forgot i also got Homeworld Remastered on GOG too. XCOM i've played to death on other platforms but i wanted to try long war. Twilight Struggle i own on IOS but i wanted the Steam version too. Dark Messiah i've played on 360 but never finished it. Very underrated, really fun. Mainly for stuff like this..
  3. Sea of Thieves

    I think it all basically comes down to (for AAA at least) gaming is a business and when they release they have to try to maximize their income. It makes complete sense from a business point of view. But it's down to developers to come up with ways that don't damage the game or piss people off that also make people want to part with their cash, it's fucking hard. Cosmetics is fine but that doesn't work with every game. The games market is so saturated compared to 15 years ago too. No wonder people are waiting for a game to go on sale or on plus. There's hundreds if not thousands of games a year being released now. With the non-indies being 40/50 quid a pop, you HAVE to pick and choose what you want because of money and time.
  4. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    I think@DANGERMAN is one them FIFA/PES players that leaves after going 1 nil down after 25 minutes.
  5. Digital Board Games Night

    If you gave me a bit more notice i could of sorted something out. @Jimbo Xiii Give me a whatsapp/discord as i might not be on here. This coming tuesday? @Hendo @Jimbo Xiii @Chimay
  6. Darkest Dungeon

    Well, maybe not as blatant or boring as that but do you listen to the Designer Notes podcast? (it's good, you should) but they did a 2 part interview with Tyler Sigman (one of the devs of Darkest Dungeon) and he mentions on there that one of tactics the high level players were using was not getting too attached to characters (like an XCOM) and run them into the ground and starting a new a lot. I haven't played it in a while but i'm probably going to give that a go next time. Here's the interview if you want to listen.. https://www.idlethumbs.net/designernotes/episodes/tyler-sigman-part-1
  7. Post your latest gaming purchases

    This was a nice surprise. A few of the strategy games i'm looking forward to in 2018 are using the term "emotionally accurate" in regards to how your characters react when shit hits the fan to humanize them more instead of being some pawn.. One of the big influences on stuff like this is the Close Combat series whos earlier games got re-released on GOG today... I've never played the series but 2 is apparently the best one so i went with that. Rob Zacny did a piece on the series too.. The IPad version is nice but aspect ratio "feels" a tad bit off to me, like it should be slightly bigger. The DLC is weirdly not available on the IPad version yet too.
  8. Monster Hunter World

    Comparing Destiny to Monster Hunter is fucking stupid. And after some thought so is Dark Souls to Monster Hunter. All of them maybe have similarities but they're very different games. How long have we been playing games together? Coming on 10 years now? I've seen more than enough of you playing video games man. So, STFU Leeds! When i was playing MH4U with you, i had basically just started it..Then i played through the campaign and got my bearings. I still haven't got round to playing this. I was sick, then sick again with something completely different + work has been crazy. Hopefully, this weekend if i'm not away some where.
  9. Monster Hunter World

    @Sly Reflex Ah, get the Scottish one to play the bagpipe like weapon. I ain't your performing monkey.
  10. Post your latest gaming purchases

    @Hendo I've heard the controls on the Switch port of Darkest Dungeon are a bit fiddly.
  11. Currently listening to....

    I've been listening to a load of Digitalism.. And Jacque Greene Remixes...
  12. Monster Hunter World

    I couldn't be more excited and keen to play but it's exam week at work and i've had the flu pretty bad too. Maybe Saturday/sunday evening. Edit: I'm off from the 9th for 2 weeks as well. i'm going away a couple of times but the rest of it i'm planning to play games. Has everyone got a weapon of choice now? What are people using?
  13. Microsoft consoles and dashboards

    There's no such thing as innocuous Polygon rumour article.. cesspit of a website.
  14. Microsoft consoles and dashboards

    That article is worst than a third-rate click baity football ITK. @Blakey's headline doesn't help too.. They spoke to some analysts and heard some whispers. Yeah, fuck off Polygon.
  15. Slay The Spire

    I noticed this has exploded a bit on Twitch. I have no idea why though as i think it'll be pretty boring to watch. But they've added an ancension mode which makes every play though get harder which is quite nice.