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  1. Duck

    Detroit: Become Human

    Htagjfmcjkdke8u4h3odbhsodnndols802bd7.."!^*÷¥';#&hsjj&h5€j^...Oh shit! I'm sorry, i fell asleep at my computer reading too many metacritic scores at once.
  2. Duck

    The Comic Book Thread

    Probably my favourite comic bar maybe Saga. Please be good. Please be good...
  3. Duck

    Avengers : Infinity War - SPOILERS!

    Being able to see spoilers is the same no? It's cool, i'm not having a go (i avoided the spoilers but i could read everything) but maybe the forum can look into this for spoiler threads. It's just the new post part that's a problem.
  4. Duck

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Dude, watch Thor at least. The funniest Marvel film by a mile. The 'Spaced' lot were suppose to make Antman but it got cancelled. Rag is that tone of humour to me but it's Thor. So good.
  5. Duck

    Avengers : Infinity War - SPOILERS!

    Guys, a spoiler thread doesn't work at all if you're reading the new post thread. Maybe put the posts in the spoiler tags too please. Thanks.
  6. Duck

    Nintendo Labo

    I'm pretty sure Ed asks his son for 5 minutes more game time before bedtime.. 🙈 Your kid's friends must be asking to come over to your house all the time.
  7. Duck

    Website feedback

    Is the 'quote selected' thing new too? *highlight part of quote you want then click the box* That's really nice. I've never seen it before if it's old.
  8. Duck

    Dark Souls: Remastered

    You could literally copy and past this into the a Monster Hunter or Souls thread and you wouldn't know which game they were speaking about. I don't know how anyone thinks but i've always liked that build up to fighting a boss again in a souls game. It gives me to think things through and psych yourself up again. I don't think it would be the same game without it.
  9. Duck

    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo's problem for the last few generations hasn't been new games. It's been little to no 3rd party support. id porting Doom and Wolf can only be a good thing. If only to show what can be done to other developers/publishers. Doom and Wolf aren't the sort of games i'd like to play below 60fps because of the speed but i'm pretty sure theres going to be a lot of Switch ports that i'll be fine taking the hit on peformance because it's portable. Dark Souls etc for example.
  10. Duck

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    I bought the first game but only played it for about 5 mins.. so i haven't really been following the sequel but what i've seen over last few days it looks like it might be a pseudo sequel to Dark Cloud/Chronicles. Is it? Edit: A City builder - RPG in a Studio Ghibli skin sounds like the perfect game to me.
  11. Duck

    Currently listening to....

    A few albums i've been listening recently... George Fitzgerald's new album 'All That Must Be' is really nice.. Myrkur - 'Mareridt' I love this album. Folk/Black metal. I don't want to pigeon hole her. But to me it's like The Witcher soundtrack had a baby with Sigur Ros with black metal riffs. Really good. I've also been playing Four Tet remix playlists all the time when i'm working at home..
  12. Duck

    Darkest Dungeon

    I don't know, maybe it's discounted on a surface too..idk jeeez.
  13. Duck

    Darkest Dungeon

    This is currently $0.99 (what's that in the UK 40 quid?) on IPad. I haven"t played the consoles versions but i would consider the controls "good" on IPad, sooo... https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/darkest-dungeon-tablet-edition/id1199831446
  14. Duck

    Super Smash Bros. Switch

    They didn't actually meet Sly Cassette boy'd it from previous podcasts. The people at that event are watching it in an actual Nintendo store are they not? Of course people like that are flip when anything is annouced. Especially the Smash guys.
  15. Duck

    The MFGamers Podcast

    That theme remix. *chefs kiss*