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  1. Duck


    That's an awful trailer.. I played the first Desperados game about a year ago and enjoyed it. I haven't played Shadow Tactics but it looks like Desperados but in a samurai/ninja skin. That game got great reviews, so I'm sure they'll handle this well too. The bigger and better news though is Jagged Alliance is getting a new game from THQ too that might not be as terrible as Back in Action. I'm all for taking old tactic genres/games like this and JA and 'XCOM-EU'ing it and updating it. I think this and JA are only going to be £20.
  2. Duck

    Battlefield V

    Company Trailer.. Looks like weapons have some sort of skill trees.
  3. Duck

    Nintendo Switch

    Slay the Spire coming to Switch early 2019. I guess I'd better do everything i want to in life by then.. 😂
  4. Duck

    Divinity: Original Sin 2

    I've never played these games but always wanted to try them. But i was looking into how the multiplayer works and it sounds amazing, especially with the split screen too. I'm going to pick this up on PS4 for sure. I think of you pre - order now you can play the first act. I can just skip the first one right? Maybe watch a recap video or something?
  5. Duck

    The MFGamers Podcast

    I haven't listened yet but if i was playing a drinking game when metacritic or hella is said, how drunk would i get?
  6. Duck

    Battlefield V

    Gamescom Trailer. Briefly shows what looks like the Battle Royal mode. The destruction is pretty crazy.
  7. Duck


    I was away from this game for almost a year and a half but I still followed all the news connected to it._BUT I've seemed to missed the most important thing. (which has apparently been in the game since January but no seems to know about or use it._) Payload/Adjective Callouts - If you bind 'Acknowledged/Understood' to a button/Key not in use (Left D - Pad for example) and target the objective, your character will say defend or attack it. If you bind 'Group Up' and target a player it will say "I'm with you!" If you bind 'I need healing' to a key and play a healer then target players and press it, your healer will call them over to be healed. @Hendo If you bind 'hello', it says hello to the specific player you're target. I'm not sure why Blizzard is hiding this stuff, spamming worries i don't know.
  8. Duck

    Phantom Doctrine

    Gamespot gave it a 9 too. I'll pick it up at the weekend.
  9. Duck

    Random News

    Terrible name but fuck, this is gooorgeous.. Out for PC & Switch this year.
  10. Duck

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    DK and Diddy must go through a fucking shit load of windows... I'm pretty sure Kapp'n is a serial killer. So seeing him kidnapping people in Smash got a massive lol from me. If it's got 26 hours of music and 103 stage plus the rest of the game, how much is the download going to be?... But fan service wise this game is nuts.
  11. Duck

    Random News

    @Sly Reflex I know it's a professional developement company but i don't have a problem with them doing that, especially if it's just concepting. Skylines toolset might be better than the pro ones. Just don't let it get in the public's hands. 😃
  12. Duck

    Star Wars

    TLJ is terrible. This though, made in reaction to the Rose/Remake nonsense is almost pitch perfect.. (Beware: Brick spoliers if you haven't seen it.)
  13. Duck

    Digital Board Games

    Sure why not.
  14. Duck


    Oh, how the tables have turned..
  15. Duck

    Currently listening to....

    I've been listening to Hopesfall new one 'Arbitor' which is a pretty nice post - hardcore album.. And 40 Watt Sun, which i think maybe have posted about before. Which is kinda Doom'y/Post - rock, hard to descirbe. Good though.