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  1. MAME

    Nice! I got my 3+ today. I thought I could just swap the SD card out into the new machine, but that wasn't the case. Had to back up my roms and saves and reflash the card. Managed to get everything back up and running just about. The case I got with it is really nice: https://www.amazon.com/FLIRC-FL-53196-Flirc-Raspberry-Case/dp/B00QB6F9I0 Soild and acts as a heat sync so I can overclock it as well. For some reason it took me nearly two hours to get the wifi back up and running again, sorted now though. Now re-scrapping all the roms to get the artwork back. Also means my media server is back up and running as well
  2. MAME

    Man, that is good, especially as the plus model with power and reset seems tricky to get over here. Note, you need to install an extra script to get the buttons working correctly. If I’d not bought a new case earlier I’d have gotten that.
  3. MAME

    @Chimay where did you order your cab kit from?
  4. MAME

    Early days myself with the backup. NasPi is running Open Media Vault which is a prebuilt NAS/Media Server and one of the options in that is RSYNC. It can either pull or push data from other machines using SSH Auth, I think the only tricky bit is the authentication between the two devices, but it is made slightly easier as they are on the same network. Tl:dr dunno yet
  5. FFVII motivator

    I’ve been a victim of old gaming conventions, namely having the manually save progress. Last night managed to complete Cosmic Canyon (which despite being prepared and a bit over powered is still a bit of a cunt. No wonder 13 year old me gave up at that point on my original play through). Did some more levelling in the surrounding area, swapping out characters to keep everyone fairly even and accumulating plenty of Gill. Got in a battle in the forest where is was surrounded by frogs. No problem, I’ll Aqualung the bastards, only to accuse cast in on my team, instantly killing everyone. The last time I’d saved was when I arrived at Cosmic Canyon, about 2 hours earlier.
  6. MAME

    Bought a second pi now. My original Pi (which was a 3b not the +) which is currently running RetroPie is going to go back to being my NAS/Media server in the default pi case. New Pi which is the 3b+ (slightly better cpu I believe) is going to be my RetroPie machine and I’ve also ordered an aluminium heat sync case for it as well meaning it can be overclocked apparently. I’m also going to set up RSYNC (replication backup technology not the late 90s boy band) between the two so it’ll take a snapshot of my RetroPie files and back up any changes to the NAS meaning I’ve got a constant recovery.
  7. FFVII motivator

    How are you getting on with this @Bigkopman? Ive just got to Cosmo Canyon, but think I’ve gone there a little bit sooner than I should. This time around I’ve managed to get Aqualung enemy skill with two of my characters. It’s comfortably a Lv 3 spell doing between 700-1000 hp damage which is way higher than anything in the area. I got it through lucky accident but I think the seed was in the back of my head. I’d used Manipulate with a random enemy in the golden saucer desert and saw it was one of his attacks, did it on my team and nearly wiped them out but learnt it on both Enemy Skill materia’s.
  8. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I’ve stalled on my rewatch of these. Got as far as Guardians 1, which prettt much covers most of the infinity stone stuff ahead of the next Avengers. I might got imax for this as well maybe. Never done a Marvel at the imax.
  9. Films

    I think Prometheus gets a rough ride, although there is some monumentally stupid stuff in it. Looks lovely though. I’d like to see the Alien 3 ‘directors’ cut, never actually got around to it, although I quite like the normal cut of it. I think the worst damage they did to Aliens as a franchise where the AvP films. Fucking hell.
  10. Films

    I find it hard to choose between Alien and Aliens. I think I might prefer Alien.
  11. Gaming White Whales

    Bethesda RPGs. Tried and failed at Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout. I think I’ve escaped the vault about 5 times only to get no further.
  12. Films

    We watched Covenant tonight as well. It made me think how much I quite liked Prometheus (lonely club..) but Covenant is pretty weak. It’s not even the lack of Aliens or poor story, it’s the constant fucking stupid decisions.
  13. MAME

    I’m now looking at building a 2 player arcade stick board. Possibly a bar top arcade cab depending how much space I can clear in the garage.
  14. MAME

    I managed to get Mario 64 running earlier, but not very well. Also managed to get MAME running with KOF98, as @Chimay said, it is a bit of a faff though. More importantly, I got a good selection of SNES Mega Drive and NES games up and running. They run really well, and are really easy to get up and running. I think I'm going to get that NES case, but the slightly bigger one that has a cooling fan and USB adapters. Really enjoyed setting this up though.
  15. FFVII motivator

    Curious. How long does that take though?