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  1. Jimbo Xiii


    Moana and Zootroplis are both really good films. Moana has an excellent song by Jermaine Clement as a bling obsessed kraken Crab. Mini Boxy is currently a bit obsessed with Frozen. He's only seen the film a few times, but we have the songs on constant loop at the moment. They're not bad Disney songs, but I can't get them out of my head. From the Disney songs we listen to on Spotify, Mulan has the best ones. Cars 3 was fucking awful. My son loves cars/Cars and even gets bored half way in and wanders off.
  2. Jimbo Xiii

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    You're telling me that Disney, one of the largest companies in the world haven't been through everyone of their employees social media accounts with a fine tooth comb? I find it hard to believe they didn't know about all of these, or that they couldn't make it go away? Either way, we now live in a world where everything you put online is captured and you can be held account for it, regardless of who it is that dug it up. Still, it's a shitty way to leave.
  3. Jimbo Xiii


    ...I quite like Mario Party...
  4. Jimbo Xiii


    That's your second warning son.
  5. Jimbo Xiii


    Yikes. I know people on here have bought branded consoles in the past, but do these things ever look good? The only one that springs to mind are the Pokémon 3ds' which where kinda cool.
  6. Jimbo Xiii


    What is it?
  7. Jimbo Xiii

    Yo-Kai Watch 4

    I put quite a bit of time into the iOS game. It was good
  8. Jimbo Xiii

    Cool Video Game Shit

    I thought I replied to you about that?
  9. Jimbo Xiii

    Cool Video Game Shit

    @Blakey that was good fun. I might turn negging back on if you use 'Hella Dope' again.
  10. Jimbo Xiii

    Your Top 10 Games

    Made a few changes to mine.
  11. Jimbo Xiii


    I've also seen JW Fallen Kingdom this evening. I went in with zero expectations as pretty much all the talk about it has been average to negative. I actually quite enjoyed it. It's quite predictable for the most part and at some point they will just need to stop inventing stronger dinosaurs as that gets a bit tedious. Pretty sure there are some jabs at Trump in there as well. There is a news ticker early on in the film that says US President not convinced dinosaurs even existed (or something to that effect) and Toby Jones' auctioneer character is blantantly styled on Trump.
  12. Jimbo Xiii

    Your Top 10 Games

    First run at it. Feels pretty solid though. Portal Forza Motorsport 2 Mario 64 Zelda Links Awakening FFVII Game Dev Story Time Crisis Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 and/or 3 Mario Kart DD Tetris
  13. Jimbo Xiii

    The iPhone killer? A thread for Android phones

    @regemond yeah you're correct, noticed that last night when I was taking a second look.
  14. Jimbo Xiii

    The iPhone killer? A thread for Android phones

    I've managed to smash the screen on my iPhone 6 again (twice in sixth months after never doing it before in the last 9 years of owning Smart Phones) so I'm looking at new/second hand handsets. Ideally I'd like an iPhone 6s+ but they're a bit too expensive still at the moment, so thinking about Android as an alternative. I have a Moto something or other as my work phone and have mixed feelings about it. It is very much at the budget end of the scale. I was taking a look at the one+6 earlier which looks interesting, but too expensive outright. The Huawei that @regemond got is just under £200 SIM free on Amazon which seems a good price. Whatever I do, I think I'm going to use my work one for the next couple of months and decide in September, unless I get too annoyed with this one.
  15. Jimbo Xiii

    Console Build Quality

    The X must have a whooping great heat sink in it or something. I guess it’s probably cheaper to use bigger fans and smaller heat sinks. I’ve only got a PS4 so cant compare but mine is very loud, and again because I play mostly when mini boxy is asleep I can’t crank up the volume or put headphones on. I’ve turned it off in the past because of the noise, it gets too much like noise tourture some times.