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  1. Warframe PS4

    Reading the impressions definitely makes me want to try it, if it's as rewarding for your time as it sounds then I'm up for it.
  2. Netflix recommendations

    I watched the first episode of Ugly Delicious yesterday, its like a documentary about food. Each episode they focus on one popular food and look at how its made in different places, the history of it, they talk about authenticity and different chef's takes on that food and its kind of a travel documentary too. The first episode was about Pizza and it was cool, and its made me order pizza today nyom nyom yummy.
  3. Super Mario Odyssey

    As a deterrent or as a treat?
  4. Super Mario Odyssey

    Love playing video games or watching youtube in the Bath. Nice little top up of hot water every now and again, perfecto.
  5. Super Mario Odyssey

    I think for me (I know we are talking about this in the wrong thread @admin please feel free to move this) I think its coincided with a resurgence of PC gaming, and that basically has opened me up to a new group of my friends that always played on PC, and a huge offering of games that I just didnt play on the PC. Its also got that thing of not taking up the main TV like the Switch has. Its not like I dont like the Switch, exactly as @regemond said I love it and think its a great concept, I just totally randomly fell in love with PC gaming at a similar time I got the Switch.
  6. Super Mario Odyssey

    I still have loads to do on this, played a little bit one weekend when I went to my Dads and then just didnt pick it back up again. Got Mario kart to dig through too, for some reason my Switch just isnt appealing to me.
  7. PAYDAY 2

    It does sound pretty awesome actually, how often do you play, is there a decent player base?
  8. PAYDAY 2

    So you have to rob the bank whilst its full of Zombies, sounds like an interesting twist actually. Do the Zombies attack you and the police or just you?
  9. PAYDAY 2

    is it single player or mainly multiplayer? I could look this up and it would be faster but still.
  10. PAYDAY 2

    Whats this?
  11. Into the Breach

    Why dont you fuck off?
  12. Into the Breach

    This is on PC right?
  13. Soul Calibur VI

  14. Soul Calibur VI

    When the taki trailer drops I feel like there might be controversy...
  15. Metal Gear Survive

    Dude this is coming across slightly as you having a chip on your shoulder and then looking for an argument, if you like the game then good for you, if people have decided not to, or its not to their tastes then that should be fine too.