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  1. regemond

    Destiny 2

    Not getting it then?
  2. regemond

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    Jesus, I might have to look into some of the stuff with the grinder then. I'm honestly not a high-level player with these games, and I take a lot of my enjoyment out of the ride, rather than trying to work the system to get the best out of it. That there's so much depth, even to the point of being able to conjure up the specific weapon you want, is just fantastic to me though. The chests. Eurgh. At no point have I had more than 30 moonshine on me. And when I have had that much I've used it to beef up my ammo capacity, as the guns I use just chew through ammo like sweets. I'd like to open one, but I'm not farming for hours just to get enough capital for a potential disappointment. I like the BL games because you don't have to grind. You can track your progress, and the game can consistently challenge you (even playing on your own), but you never have that moment where you're like 'fuck, this is too hard'. I don't want to grind moonshine. Also, after writing that little paragraph, I realised I meant Moonstone, not shine, and you meant Luneshine, which is the special added effect of a weapon... Honestly, are the Luneshine attributes much different to the normal side effects of a gun? Does Luneshine do anything that any other gun can't?
  3. regemond

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    Tina I completely understand the hate for, but once her backstory was filled in, yeah, I ended up quite liking her. Pickle is just kind of there, and as a slightly shorter BL experience I can't imagine having to deal with him too much. Saying that though, the last main story mission/boss I had anything to do with was so I still don't think I'm particularly far into it. The DLC is included with The Handsome Collection isn't it? I'm not paying for Borderlands DLC either, I've only ever bought the GOTY editions, so not planning on changing that any time soon! I quite like the cryo stuff, I've got an assault rifle doing Cryo damage that I've been leaning on for crowd control. Even when presented with rifles that do higher damage, I've kept using this one because it also uses an increasing fire rate - the longer you hold the trigger the faster it hits. It's fantastic for whittling through an enemy's health/armour, and when the cryo damage kicks in to freeze them it's even better. Bear in mind though, I only ever did one playthrough of BL 1 and 2, so I never had much of a need to get full on with the skills etc. I always just pick what I have fun with and see what final power benefit I want to work towards. Totally agree with the improvements too. The beam weapons are so much fun. I'm not great with the verticality of jump boosters (although sniping a head shot as you come back down to land is so satisfying), so I try to avoid them, but I can see why people would love them. Everything to do with the currency and weapons is great too. Instead of getting a big fat wallet full of cash from trading guns in all the time, I've got one mission where I need to donate 50 white weapons, so they all get dropped there. It finally gives added value for the white weapons, you're not expected to just drop them anymore. Yes, it's optional, but it's a great idea. The weapon grinder - awesome. Want a blue weapon? Just give us three green (or whatever way around it is!). I'd like to see them bring different gravities into the next installment too. If you do end up having to fly around different planets, have one with the same feel as Pandora's moon. Have one where jumps barely get you off the ground (with wider/lower to the ground enemies to match). Have one that sends you stupidly high into the air with every jump. Just go nuts.
  4. regemond

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    Meh, Pickle doesn't bother me. If he had more of a role he would, but I've had 2-3 mission with him, one involving his sister, so I can live with him for now.
  5. regemond

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    Still plugging away at this. It's weird. I have no real urge to play it, but I seem to have a lot of fun and can't drag myself away when I actually put it on. I've not been paying much attention to the story at all. Both main quests and side quests. As far as I'm concerned there is no story and everything is there as an excuse to shoot something else. Anyway, I tuned in for a bit while playing it this morning and was definitely tickled by a couple of things. @Sly Reflex Did the sports side quest involve basketball?
  6. regemond

    The Hot Topic

    House of the Dead 2. One of the nightclubs of my youth had the stand-up version of this. A lot of my change was spent playing it in between shots of sambuca and bottles of silver Red Square. Definitely that. Scud Race. Not the best Sega racer, but one I used to love when I was about 13-15. Edit: Add in any DDR game too. Preferably EuroMix. Loved that when I was a kid!
  7. regemond

    TV Shows

    From what I can tell you're only a series behind where TWD is up to, but yeah it's become so bad over the last few seasons. It's so formulaic recently... The group get some new people on their travels, find somewhere to settle, Rick gets nice and chilled. A big bad threatens the settlement, circumstances happen to make Rick an angry shit, he finally stands up to big bad. And Carl! He's such an annoying little fuck! Take the damn sheriff hat off you fucking pube!
  8. regemond

    Kingdom Hearts III

    Those transitions are impressive! @Blakey Not Kingdom Hearts and not Pixar. I'd already had that thought tbf 😂 I've given her the heads up this afternoon though. Told her any other time I wouldn't even think about it but KH was around before her, so it's special circumstances. I assume the best one will be through the SquEnix site - do they take the cash straight away? It's one of the few times that situation would be helpful to me!
  9. regemond

    Kingdom Hearts III

    And I'll have to explain to the wife why I've spent £180 on a single game... If it's out in November that'll be even harder to explain - that's her birthday month!
  10. regemond

    TV Shows

    It was inflicted upon my eyes, I'm not suffering on my own!
  11. regemond

    TV Shows

    Hey look, Warner Bros are trying to kill my childhood!
  12. regemond

    Kingdom Hearts III

    I just hope they don't release a collector's edition. I genuinely won't be able to resist.
  13. regemond

    Battlefield V

    I always thought dipping your toes in was a pool analogy, not a bath one. You dip your toes in before you get your feet wet... Anyway, Battlefield. Are these games better than CoD for single player? I've got Hardline (I know that's not really a true representation of the series) and only ever played the first level. I started 3 when it was free on PS+ but it was back in the days when I was God awful at FPS games, rather than just bad, so I didn't enjoy it at all.
  14. regemond

    Battlefield V

    What the fuck is wrong with your body? Why are your bollocks next to your toes?
  15. regemond

    Microsoft consoles and dashboards

    IGN commenters did it. Don't worry, there are fanboys a-plenty on every console exclusive article over there. I would, but 1) I can't remember exactly where I saw it, and 2) I'm not putting my eyes through that bullshit again.