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  1. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    Fucking SOLD!! I might even get involved online with this one if I can get some free time with you lot!
  2. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    Either you never played the twitchy, 'if another car even breathes on you you're fucked' bullshit of the first game or you're just a damn dirty liar when you say Paradise is the worst @Blakey. The third one was incredible, I can't argue there, but Paradise refined everything. Want to do a Crash Target? Just hammer L1/R1 (LB/RB on Xbox) - every god damn road has a Crash Target. Want a race, cool, put the pedal to the metal and get to your next race in the time it'd take B3 to load one up. The graphics were gorgeous, the world was great fun to fuck about it, and the soundtrack was fantastic. Speaking of, if the soundtrack is brought back I'll be all over this day one! But even if you do prefer B3 (which I won't argue too much with, 3 was still absolute class), at the very least Paradise was better than the overly aggressive gameplay of Revenge, and Legends (the PSP instalment). I honestly don't remember playing Dominator though, so can't comment on that one...
  3. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    And here was me trying to avoid games on Day 1 this year. This is all kinds of tempting!
  4. DOOM

  5. DOOM

    Yeah I get it all, I understand it in my head, it's just translating it to the controller I struggle with. Every time I try and get in the enemy's face I get annihilated. And I've always been horrific at dodging. I might end up hang to do what I did with Wolfy 2 and drop the difficulty to the easiest.
  6. DOOM

    So. Turns out I. Fucking.SUCK. At this game. Finally loaded this up after picking up it forever ago and for whatever reason my brain just isn't twigging with the gameplay. Not being able to sprint is hurting me, as is the lack of reload (muscle memory is spamming Square every couple of shots, which is throwing me across to the chainsaw). It looks great though. They've really brought the old school looks to life in this, the bold red hues of Mars contrasted with the industrial themes of the station. Anyway, I've died approximately 8 thousand times, and I'm not far past the part where you get the heavy assault rifle. I'm gong to keep playing, because there's something there that's absolutely fantastic and waiting for me to line up with the gameplay they want, I just hope it doesn't take too long is all!
  7. Unravel

    3 days, 3 games played to completion. And what a charming little game this was. I'm not going to go over the gameplay, as @Blakey said it all really. But for the price I paid (£4) I had a lot of fun with it. You can tell a lot of love went into making it. And while there are a couple of frustrating sections, everything from the beautiful artwork to the stunning score made up for them. Like Rime, not the greatest platformer, but definitely a title with a lot of heart. I enjoyed this.
  8. Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

    Nurses did come in, I just switched to the most acceptable character and paused it! The only thing I've ever felt wary abbot having on the tv was when I met the mistake of watching the I Spit On Your Grave remake. I honestly didn't know how bad it was before I watched it and just had to hope none of them came in during the worst scenes!
  9. Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

    I've played through start to finish today (being in hospital might help me get through a few games...) and I'm completely mixed on it. The image above isn't even close to being the worst of the outfits. This game is weird. In one respect it wants you to perv at things like this... ...but on the other hand the Chaos of the subtitle isn't just for show, it gets fucking crazy. The screen fills with bad guys pretty much every 17 steps and some of the attacks are just ridiculous. I like the fact that you have 4 characters to switch between at any time during combat, I like the fact that you can bring the other 3 characters in to fight alongside you at any point (with cooldowns between each activation), and I like the fact that it has plenty of variation in the special moves. I also like the Dare Drive mechanic. Even if the acronym is DD. FULL of subtlety this game is... It's basically super saiyan mode with added perviness. Activate it and your hair and outfit both change to accentuate your character's, ahem, assets, and your strength and speed both go through the roof. Here's one such example of these questionable attires. Can't imagine that does much for her defensive capabilities though. I don't like the actual feel of the combat - think a poor man's Devil May Cry 1. And it's incredibly cheap too. Across 16 chapters there's a fair few boss rushes, with an extra long one that leads into the final level. The final level that's just the last boss, then a souped up version of the last boss. The writing is relatively funny though, if entirely inappropriate. One character - Kagura - is wonderfully foul-mouthed. She told one character to stop dragging her tits and get a move on. She called another character Tits McGee (that one especially made me laugh because I'm always calling the wife that to wind her up), and near the end she told the other three girls to stop twisting their tits and get on with things. She was very boob oriented. Anyway, on the whole it's just a little bit shit, but if you have a couple of beers and you want something brainless to play then this will probably do the trick.
  10. I think SR 4 faltered because it was originally planned as DLC (let's not restart that subject in here though) before being expanded to a full game. So they had to put a lot of extra filler in. Still loved it at the time, but yeah, looking back the third instalment was better.
  11. Does that mean a much-anticipated sequel to the seminal Ride to Hell: Retribution could be green-lit? 😱 In all seriousness though, I can see Saints Row being carried on, provided all the blurb above says they own Deep Silver published IPs too. Edit: just read properly instead of glancing over it. IPs are included.
  12. RiME

    Cheers @retroed. It's one of those games that got really average reviews for the gameplay, and I can absolutely see why, but I thought it needed a little bit of attention for the things that it did incredibly well, and the way it handled stuff.
  13. RiME

    I've just been genuinely astounded by this game. I'm not really going to talk about gameplay as @radiofloyd covered it all perfectly. Literally everything he's said about the layout mirrors my thoughts. I'm going to talk about the impact it's just had on me instead. So the rest is going to be in spoilers as it'll break down certain important aspects. If you've read the spoilers, you might understand why this game has had such an impact on me. It's something I'd definitely recommend, but it may have more of an effect on anyone with kids due to the story. Given that it is pretty much an indie game, I honestly don't mind that it's a little rough around the edges, but like floyd, I'd have preferred a little more prompting to go and explore. Looking through the extras I only found 17 of the 41 collectibles hidden throughout. Highly recommended though. I adored this game.
  14. Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death

    You don't see her outside of the first 10 minutes, aside from at the very end when she's chained up by the bad guy. Not worth it.