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  1. MAME

    Finished my artwork today. Quite pleased with it considering it only took about a couple of hours. Got a quote from a company that produces replacement arcade vinyl. £25 for hard wearing mat laminate vinyl so it should last. Once the unit arrives and I can confirm the template matches i'll get it printed. I'm going to go for all black controls and buttons, with orange t-moulding around the edges. Should look pretty slick when done.
  2. MAME

    @Bigkopman So far the Pi, 32 gig SD card and power unit have cost about £53. Joystick cab was about £44 and the actual joystick/buttons/iPac wiring kit is going to cost about £100, though you can get cheaper alternatives. Currently getting costs on the decals but I should be able to get them printed on mat laminate vinyl for about £20?
  3. MAME

    Got a bit bored during my lunch break so started on some artwork for the kit...
  4. MAME

    @Jimbo Xiii This is the one i've ordered... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Arcade-2-Player-Joystick-Control-Panel-Flat-Pack-Kit-Mame-Raspberry-Pi/142349976879?hash=item2124b8452f:g:hUsAAOSww3tY8iLP Was tempted to have a go at making one myself but I don't really have anywhere I could do it at the moment. Takes a while to deliver though - I ordered mine on the 6th April and still no sign of it.
  5. MAME

    I'd be intrigued to see the difference between the two pi's performance wise. My 3b just about manages some dreamcast games so i'd imagine it can run N64 and PS1 games ok?. Setting the second up as a backup seems like an awesome idea - any pointers as to how I go about doing that? I'm still waiting for my joystick cabinet kit to arrive - i've got some MDF primer and some black spray paint but i just need to confirm the button hole sizes before ordering the guts of it all - decided on going for the more expensive microswitches as it's gonna take a battering from the kids - they're already hooked on 1941 and it's sequels. I've also got the templates for it so was thinking about putting my graphic design skills to use and making an overlay and covering it with a bit of laser cut clear perspex for a bit more durability.
  6. FFVII motivator

    Ouch! I do love the music to Cosmic Canyon - it's a song that frequently pops into my head despite the fact i haven't heard it since when FF7 first came out.
  7. Films

    Seen two films recently: The Greatest Showman – two hours of my life I won't get back. My wife wanted to see it and I had no idea it was a musical. It was fucking awful. Some of the shittest music i've heard in recent memory wedged into a painfully crap film. Shame as it's based on a true story yet they decided to fuck it all up by having everyone sing every two minutes. And every song sounded the same. You Were Never Really Here – This is more like it, latest film by Lynne Ramsay, who directed the excellent 'We Need To Talk About Kevin'. It's been described as Taxi Driver meets Leon and I can see why. Joaquin Phoenix plays a troubled vet that tracks down missing kids for a living and get's caught up in a political conspiracy. Quite a slow film but deals with some uncomfortable subject matter. It ended a bit on the abrupt side but I really liked it. JP was excellent in it.
  8. God of War

    I've never played a God of War game (well - i've played about ten minutes of GoW3), though i'm quite tempted by this. Does anyone know if it will matter that i've not played any of the others?
  9. MAME

    Managed to get a few Dreamcast games up and running last night - sadly it's not quite there. Powerstone runs ok but is a tiny bit on the slow side and Crazy Taxi stutters a bit and the sound's all over the place. The emulator's a bit crap - it was a nightmare getting the controls sorted and even then only half of them worked.
  10. MAME

    Almost forgot - whilst scrolling through the megadrive list I spotted several Mario games. Intrigued, I fired them up and they're hilariously bad bootlegs. Worth trying if you fancy a chuckle.
  11. Warframe

    Tempted to dip my toe into this again if they've sorted the frame rate issue.
  12. MAME

    I managed to get MAME running brilliantly last night - ran every game that didn't involve 3D although Virtua Fighter seemed to work ok - though Tekken 1 ran but a slowly. Spent ages firing through some of the classics - Street Fighter, TMNT, Metal Slug, Toobin e.t.c - it's surprising how well they all hold up. It seems the more complex games require a CHD file. If your game needs this, RetroPie is gonna have a bad time. The main problem is I now have is I've got over 6000 arcade games to sort through!
  13. MAME

    My understanding so far is that the MAME roms are constantly being updated, so non merged romsets (massive downloads featuring everything) are the way to go, but different emulators work with different romsets. There's more info on which romset works with which emulator. As said earlier, the 0375b5 set works well with MAME4ALL - and 0.106 supposedly works well with AdvanceMame 1.4. If you download the odd ROM from a website it's unlikely it'll work. More info on it here: https://github.com/retropie/retropie-setup/wiki/MAME
  14. MAME

    You'll be pleased to know my case just arrived. The romset i've had success seems to run ok through MAME4ALL - look for romset 037b5. Most things seem to run ok, though Metal Slug won't run. Currently downloading 0.106 romset so i'll see how they run. I'll give N64 a try later.
  15. Website feedback

    Has the Switch thread in News been nuked?