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  1. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    This guy works for EA ( on the NFS games apparently). So there we have it. Looks like they've done good.
  2. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    This is nonsense and I'd actually neg you for coming out with such tripe. But because I can't I'm going to post your favourite person to show how much disdain I have for that particular comment.
  3. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    Paradise was all the definite characteristics of each iteration of Burnout on one disc. Pick the cars that resonate with the game you liked best and go for it.
  4. Burnout Paradise Remastered

    Wait and see what it's like first. They may have fucked it up with MTX.
  5. PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition

    Done some of the new stuff. Seems good. Also noticed some QoL improvements. You can toggle the AI to follow you which is super nice. You can also put bags on the AI too which makes life much much easier when slugging bags across the map. It's not perfect by any means, but it's still better than having to handle every single bit of luggage yourself. Some missions have been broken up into endless missions, so if you wanted to just play the meth cooking from Rats you can do that now. I think there's quite a few of these endless runners now. There's a heist called Counterfeit where it looks like you have to stand guard over printing presses minting new banknotes that works off the same principle. I always enjoyed those types of missions, especially with a set of people that knew what was going on. There's a new safe house as well, which has all the heisters in it which you can talk to to hear some soundbites. Interestingly there's daily, weekly and monthly missions that have certain parameters and mutators on them to earn things called tokens (which are the doubloons from John Wick for some reason?) so you can do up the new safehouse. On top of that there's side mission achievement things that do that thing that Bully did where when you hit milestones or achievements the area changes to reflect that. So if you steal that Bushido armour from the safe before anything else on a specific difficulty, it shows up in the safehouse to show you've done it. New vault as well, gone is the little room that used to be, now it's a huge circle with 2 spurs off it that's full of pallets. I've no idea what it'd take to fill that up. There's also this achievement that made me smile. I'll doubt I'll get it what with it being so far into the Infamy levels though. This is my 15,000 post.
  6. Monster Hunter World

    Every time I come on to play this you're not on, or if you are on I've already commuted to playing something else with someone. And yes, Kirin is a shit. It's relatively tiny compared to everything else and everyone crowds the bit where you're relatively safe to hit it, making it even harder to deal with.
  7. PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition

    Hoxton unlocked. Decided to go down the heavy route this time, since I've never really done that before. I already know @Hendo will all be about the stealth.
  8. PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition

    I just had a quick go of the PC version and the differences to what I remember it being are so far removed from what I remember the game being on PS4 it's mad. There's lots more characters to play as, but the biggest surprise is there's at least 20, if not more heists I've never ever seen. Scores of weaponry has been added too. The skill trees have been completely revamped to take all the filler skills out, or merge filler skills into one perk so that they're worth taking if you're going for specific builds. Lots of new music as well, the only bit I recognise from the PS4 version was the Mayhem Dress in a Suit theme and Clean Getaway. Everything else I've heard is new.
  9. Post your latest gaming purchases

    Just bought the PAYDAY2 DLC that I was missing for just over a tenner. I'm coming, Hoxton, My sweet burned prince.
  10. The Hot Topic

    I forgot to mention Halo 5 as well. Pure toilet. Sure it looks like Halo, but it might as well be any other shooter to exist, it just feels like everything else now, they lost that Halo-esque somewhere along the line to the point that it's Halo only in name.
  11. The Hot Topic

    You set 'em up, I'll knock 'em down. I think the biggest change was shift was going from platformers to anything but platformers. I was also really fond of driving games, but since every driving game seems dull as fuck now (yes, even Horizon) I've stopped playing those as well. I've not played a good PvP game in ages either. BF1 was a bit pish. I wasn't interested in all the wall running stuff in Titanfall 2. Destiny 2's PvP is possibly the most offensively dire PvP I've seen in a game. I couldn't give a toss about 'battle royale' games. Overwatch is the only one I've felt any real connection with but I feel very blase about it all when I play it. Rainbow 6 Siege I enjoyed but it felt like a lot of pressure all the damn time. I'm feeling quite alienated with the PvP stuff in general as despite there being hundreds of the cunts I still feel like I'm not being catered to in that area. I dunno, maybe my PvP days are behind me.
  12. The Hot Topic

    A suitable analogy, since it's always trying to fuck its players in one way or another.
  13. Bayonetta 2

    Did we play the same game? The first game was absolutely bonkers.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    You own the steam version? We could play that.
  15. Nintendo Switch

    17 heisters? There's only one. Hopefully not the colossal fuck up it's been on other consoles. I love PAYDAY but Overkill's console stuff leaves a lot to be desired.