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    The old girl has been playing up. Thought I'd replace her before she goes completely tits up.
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    My last paycheque is going to be bigger than I expected so it's treat time. And also Redout that I posted about.
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    Yakuza 6 has arrived, it's a really nice package tbf, not sure I'll ever look through the art book like, but the ice stones and glasses will be getting used My whisky turned up too. Bit of an odd mix of flavours to it in that it's got a lot of heat but it's also very sweet and very vanilla flavoured. S'alright though, I might get more used to it after a few more glasses
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    Time to watch wildlife getting jiggy with it...
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    Let's see if all those 10/10's were worth it.
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    Got a bit bored during my lunch break so started on some artwork for the kit...
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    MFGamers Podcast - 20 Questions Episode 4 I host a surprise guest who I asked 20 gaming related questions. Hosted and edited by Simon, with thanks to the surprise guest. Intro/Outro by Mark Background music by @Hendo Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    I don't even own Disney Infinity, but they were £2.99 each so I couldn't resist. Got them from Home Bargains for anyone who's interested.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm like a moth to the flame of fucking awful games. (£3.74 though, I'll take the risk for that price!)
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    Oops. If anyone wants my Day One 2013 XBOne pad by the way I'm happy to sell for a reasonable price.
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    £10.79 - in the Ubisoft publisher weekend promotion on Steam
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    After having spent probably close to 20 hours with this now I guess I should really write up some thoughts on the game. After one of the more impressive set piece starts to a Far Cry game you're basically left to your own devices on how to go about going after the three members of the family (you're given a nudge on where to head which you can choose to ignore, I didn't)... Story missions and Prepper missions are found organically by saving people and talking to them afterwards, same with locations, either run across them by accident or found signposts on the road or maps laying about. I enjoy the way they've gone about this. The gun play is just as good as it's ever been but to my mind there's a bit too much of it, it seems like I'm forever being hassled by enemies whether that's road patrols or later on getting buzzed by planes... after awhile it gets a little much when your just trying to get from a to b and it's one constant fire fight. That all changes when it comes to outposts though, in the previous games I'd try and stealth these, not this one, I'm running with Cheeseburger and Peaches as companions and when those two roll up it's fucking mayhem (and often hilarious)... I adore those two. Anyway, I've just killed the first member of the family and feel like I've barely scratch the surface of the game, the map is pretty huge and there's a lot left to do... And Cheeseburger and Peaches will be with me every step of the way. Boomer was the first companion I came across, and yes, he's a good boy. Meet Cheeseburger (the Bear) and Peaches (a fucking Cougar!)... awesome buddies. It's a looker of a game. Chilling in a plane, C and P magically warp to wherever I land... which is nice.
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    MFGamers Podcast - Yakuza Special Me and @DANGERMAN chat about the Yakuza series, ahead of Yakuza 6 being released. Theme remix by me, based on the original by Mark, using vocals by Kiryu singing "Kamarucho Lullaby". Story synopsis contains portions of "Sakura", a traditional Japanese piece. Background music and production by me. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    Launched today on Switch, PS4 and Vita. 20% off on Switch for a few days, paid £7.99.
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    No doubt this will appear on PSN next month...
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    £15.39 in the double discounts PSN sale which started today.
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    It's just an obvious and pretty much a pointless criticism, though. The Switch is tablet-like hardware. It's not a case of "letting Nintendo get away with it", it's being realistic. You're off your nut if you expect the same level of performance from this system. To have this kind of hardware running these games at the same standers as the other consoles and remain being a handheld console would require top end stuff; the system would cost over £1000. How is this not obvious? How is saying it's okay for the Switch to perfom like this make you some accepting fanboy? There are valid criticisms of the Switch and anyone who deals with one knows what they are, but performance on games like this isn't one of them. It is what it is: If you're fine with it, go get it. if not, keep your money in your purse. And I don't know which strawman you're talking about @nag. I don't think anyone here has had that attitude towards resolution and fps. In fact I think I've even said I'm not super stoked for DOOM on Switch because it doesn't aim for 60fps, like the PS4 version I already have does. But no, I didn't grab my pitchfork and march to Bethesda and demand a 60fps version, because that would be stupid. I just said I may pick it up if I see it cheap.
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    I thought this would have been right up a few of you lots street. Obviously not, since I'm the one creating the thread several months after its release. The point of the game is to collect 3 keys that will open a portal that will allow you to warp to the next level. Sounds simple, until you realise all this has to be done as the games protagonist, Noodle the snake. If you have an iota of sense you'll know that snakes can't jump, so the levels that look like you'd platform through have to be slithered through instead of jumped about. So you have this snake and his accomplice humming bird which acts as a tutorial giver and also a guide and occasional helper. Think Navi from Zelda, but she can actually interact with you. She'll guide you through the levels and give you tips occasionally if you're having trouble. Which you will do, because this game is hard as fuck at points. So why is it hard as fuck? Well it's a physics based puzzle game that's sort of action based. Look at games like QWOP, Trails HD, Trine, Pixeljunk Eden, Grow Home and then add in the thought of getting the bandages from something like Super Meat Boy. Except for the most cases, instead of working the other things in the games physics, you are working your own. I mention QWOP because the control system, isn't what you'd expect it to be. Left stick positions your head in a direction, RT pushes you forwards, A and X raise and lower your head and LT tenses your body. Sounds easy, right? Well sorry to piss on your Nan, but no, it fucking isn't. See the game is all about making the best of a bad situation, and while you struggle to spiral your way up the games many climbing frames there gets to a point where sometimes it's hard to know what to tell your hands to do, you completely forget everything you've learned and end up watching Noodle drop off the thing you're trying to mount. You can also press Y for the hummingbird to grab your tail which can be handy on getting your back half up bits that have slipped off accidentally. It's like Trails HD because although you don't have many inputs the ones that you do have make you feel as in control as you can be, and although I felt helpless at the start it did get to a point where I was boosting myself through the jungle gyms like I'd been playing the games for years. The correct gable or knowing when to floor it and when to take it easy feel aces, and when you come near having a spill and manage to correct your fuck up leads to many satisfying exhales. Sometimes you get through bits wonder how the hell you manage to get the stripey little tart to where you want him to be, and then you realise that the controls are sort of becoming baked in to your hands without realising it. Trine? How is this like Trine? Well there's a few physics based puzzles that require you to manipulate something. For instance there's a switch you need to pull down, which can be done just by resting your body on it. Further on there's a level that requires you to pull a level, which sounds a lot simpler than it actually is, since you're having to pull and then push a level into a resting place using what little handling you have using the direct location you have to use. Pixel Junk Eden and Grow Home? Yep. See there's other things to collect which I think we're collecting for the sake of collecting. Some of them are hard. Some of them are easy. Some are just well hidden. One thing you will have in common with those games is that if you fuck up you're going to fall and undo all the hard work you've done so far. If you're unlucky enough to not have any ground to under you you toss your snake into the abyss (which is what I like to call having sex with your mother) and end up getting chucked back to a checkpoint with any progress since the last checkpoint eradicated. Like making your life a misery to get some of those hard to reach collectables? Then you've come to the right place. Like Super Meat Boy, there are collectables which go completely off the beaten track and put your progress in serious peril. The coins in this game, of which there are 5 in each level, often put themselves precariously on some ledge where you have to do near super human levels of wrapping yourself around the frames to grab and then make back safely. It's infuriating, but it's satisfying. Fuck getting them all though, only Snake Pass savants will do something so daft. Also I appreciate the local humour they've put in, what with Sumo being Sheffield based and Snake Pass being a road that connects their city to Manchester. Want to look at some pictures? Of course you do, you slags.
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    More Sea of Thieves goodies incl. a book signed by Rare devs 😍 bonus Edge pic too.
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    This is an underwater Metroidvania affair by Insomniac Games. It’s the story of a young girl called Merryn who sets off in her submarine in search of her missing father. The general exploring is fun enough, the map seems huge but you can get about at a fair old rate of knots. Due to its type you come across impassable areas that become open to you later as you progress. The next destination is always represented by a big X on your map which is handy, giving you the option of progression or further exploration. You can also discover warps for fast travel between areas. The map is littered with treasures, represented on your map by a gem icon. These treasures are mostly in plain site but getting them again depends on your progress. You’re awarded with power ups after beating bosses (although not exclusively) and these power ups can be upgraded via currency gained by collecting these treasures, purchased from a friendly hermit crab vendor who can be found here and there. So you start of as just a Submarine that has a retractable hook as a weapon. Overtime you gain a boost which is handy at getting through strong currents, torpedoes to shoot enemies at distance, sonar to detect secrets and also the ability to leave your sub to allow you to access thin passages. The sonar, torpedoes, hook and boost can all be upgraded as well as health and “Tyne”. Tyne is a depletable energy that is in place so you can’t constantly spam torpedoes and shit, forcing you to wait for it to slowly recharge itself although by the end this isn’t an issue due to how god like you can become. Ive finished the game, took me just over 10 hours. To be honest the game varies in quality. The general exploring and progress is fun enough with its relaxing music and Irish lady narrator. The bosses feel like they get easier, I’m sure the first boss gave me the most problems but I was completely powered up at the end and came all over the end game bosses face. A lot of progress is made by puzzle solving and here’s where the game let itself down in my opinion. It’s not that they always lack invention, it’s just some of the time solving them just isn’t that fun. Sometimes you have to push and pull barrels or mines through areas littered with potential peril and fucking this up at the last minute means going back to the spawn area of the item and starting the whole thing again. Other times there are instant death mechanics in place and they are rarely anything but frustrating. The other thing that that annoyed me was when you learn the ability to leave your submarine (as you learn to breathe underwater) the camera can zoom in far too close or the character can get a little lost behind foreground scenery. I managed to soft lock myself once. Very nearly a second time but after about 5 minutes of fucking around I managed to free myself from a self imposed trap. It does have charm (there’s that word again) and I did enjoy it overall but it lacks excitement, I was ready for the end (of the game, not my life) after 10 hours. I think I only paid £4 for it, worth it for that price but it won’t change your life.
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    MFGamers Podcast - Play/Want/Bin March 2018 Me and @Sly Reflex sum up our Play/Want/Bin selections for March of 2018. Theme by Mark, background music and edit by me. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    Bleed is 50% off in the Spring sale. I paid for it using gold coins, some of which were due to expire at the end of the month.
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    My spire is forming
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    Finished my artwork today. Quite pleased with it considering it only took about a couple of hours. Got a quote from a company that produces replacement arcade vinyl. £25 for hard wearing mat laminate vinyl so it should last. Once the unit arrives and I can confirm the template matches i'll get it printed. I'm going to go for all black controls and buttons, with orange t-moulding around the edges. Should look pretty slick when done.
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    I've had the last three days off work ill so I decided to treat myself to this and have plugged a significant amount of time into it already (coming up to 20 hours). It's easily one of the most enjoyable JRPGs i've played in a long time. It's incredibly beautiful with the Ghibli influence shining through everywhere (pretty sure they weren't directly involved this time around). It seems to borrow from almost every Ghibli flick and a lot of other JRPGs of old, but i'm loving it - possibly because it's tickling the nostalgia part of my brain somewhere that reminds me of plugging hours into Skies of Arcadia and Grandia as well as watching Miyazaki's back catalogue. There's an innocence to it all that's quite refreshing as well, and the story whilst not being particularly deep has a nice message of helping everyone to get along. To me though, the meat and potatoes of a good JRPG is the combat - and here it's great. Fast paced and responsive real time battles against enemies ripped straight out of a cartoon with plenty of depth and options in your set up to tinker with. Part way in you also get to develop and manage your kingdom. Doing so allows access to items and perks to help you through the main game.
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    I started this today and it's really good, although it does have a couple of problems. It's an action rpg, and it's got a few nice ideas in there. You have a standard melee attack and a magic attack, a dodge, which you'll need as you see an indicator of where, and how far an enemy will attack. If I had to throw in a comparison, it's not a million miles away from something like Ys, except smaller. The most notable good idea I like is that there's only limited types of weapons and armour in the game, so if you pick up a duplicate it levels up that weapon. It's random, or seemingly random, what you get, so you might have to switch from a build you like because something else has streaked ahead. What that means is, you might have a sword that does decent damage, but the wand that's just levelled up might do so much more magic damage it makes sense to switch My issue with the game then, and I am really liking Cat's Quest, is that it feels very small. The map gets restricted very early by very powerful enemies. I got a story mission I was warned not to go and do until I'd levelled up a bit, so I had to circle around the same small area for a couple of hours picking up side quests to gain some levels. The game never told me what level I needed to be at to take on that story mission, maybe it does in some menu somewhere, but it meant that when I'd started to run out of side quests, or hit a bit of a wall with them, and went to do the main mission, I pissed all over it The quests almost always involve you going to a point, possibly then to another, fighting some monsters, completing quest. It's fine, some of the set ups are pretty good but then some are kind of repeated. I picked it up fairly cheap, it's not a bad Switch game, not sure it's something you'll play solidly for a week
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    I'll donate £20 to a charity of your choice if you complete it this play through.
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    Current save at the port of Junon. It's a strange little stop off where you can't do too much until you twat a nasty bit of tuna type boss (hate tuna...) and save a snotty little princess, who for helping her out rewards you with the Shiva summon. Clearly she could've used this same summon to protect herself... Anyhoo, then it was off to pretend to be a Shinra soldier and take part in an annoying parade but get a bit of gil wonga for the efforts. Saved it here for now. It will get a bit more exciting, I promise.
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    I'm not a million miles from the end of this and I still don't know what I think of it. It's certainly not bad but it feels very underdeveloped, not buggy, more that it hasn't quite got going yet Detective Pikachu is fairly cut scene heavy, but in between you'll be talking to people to set up the case and eventually get clues. You'll also be poking around the environment for evidence and possibly items you can use. So it's kind of more Touch Detective and Hotel Dusk than Phoenix Wright. Eventually you'll get to a point where you'll need to piece something together to advance, be that literally or metaphorically, so Pikachu will interrupt and you'll have to solve something on the bottom screen. I can't say any of these have been especially hard but there have been a couple of times where its either not clear what you're being asked or the steps involved are a bit convoluted. There's no punishment for repeated attempts though so it's not anything game breaking. There's the occasional QTE, again nothing too taxing and the one I failed didn't seem to cost me anything. Which is kind of the issue, there's not a lot too it. It's not difficult enough to get your brain going, it's got a bit of humour but it's not funny like Touch Detective, nor is the solid enough story gripping or gritty enough to be interesting. It's fine though, chapters don't last overly long, there's always something new, and the characters, particularly Pikachu, are likable enough
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    MFGamers Podcast - Music From Games volume 4 For the fourth video game music podcast, it's-a Mario special with tracks chosen by me, Mark and @radiofloyd. Theme music arrangement by me from the original theme by Mark. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast Beautifully timed release, if I do say so myself.
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    You get the same snob type attitude in music - people thinking pop music shouldn’t exist and people should be striving for something better. Who cares? Leigh was 100% correct. The Switch is a tablet and that people are making stuff like Doom work at all should be celebrated. I really don’t understand the idea that things like that shouldn’t exist.
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    That is a very long post. If we’re talking power fantasy, try playing any of the Souls games, getting your character strong enough to get to the end, and then just wander around the early areas that you struggled with. You feel like a god.
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    Bought em huh?
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    I completed the game a while back on Normal, but the advanced mode is probably too much for me. I still go back from time to time to play a few levels.
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    Fuck it... May as well go all in.
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    I bought the first game but only played it for about 5 mins.. so i haven't really been following the sequel but what i've seen over last few days it looks like it might be a pseudo sequel to Dark Cloud/Chronicles. Is it? Edit: A City builder - RPG in a Studio Ghibli skin sounds like the perfect game to me.
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    The advice of the forums Chief Technology Officer there
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    Who gives a fuck about scores, seriously...🤔 You enjoy the game then you enjoy the game regardless.