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    Went to the Leeds retro games market today and spent a fortune. Had to stop myself buying a Neo Geo CDZ, I would have bought it if it came with an extra controller and some games. And if any of the stalls took cards Anyway, I did buy plenty of other stuff, including the thing I went for, a Mega Drive (Mega Drive 2 in this case). Managed to find a 6 button controller too. Game wise the first thing I picked up was was, I thought, an unboxed version of Strider for a couple of quid. It was actually a game called Last Battle, infamous for 2 reasons, one is that it's a rebranding of Fist of the North Star, the 2nd is that it's terrible. Still, it's worth having for the Fist of the North Star element. I did eventually manage to find a copy of Strider, I thought there'd be more there but it was the same only copy I saw. On the nostalgia front I bought Batman Returns, which I thought was a great game as a kid, Mick and Mack Global Gladiators, Mega Games 2 because it's Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi, and Golden Axe. The other 2 unboxed games are Turtles Tournament Fighters, which I rated as a decent game back in the day, bit expensive at a tenner I guess. Then Wrestle War, which is probably absolutely shit, but it was such a part of my childhood it seemed worth picking up I also got Marvel Super Heroes for the Saturn, which I've never actually owned. It's a decent enough fighter when I have played it in the past. Also World Heroes Perfect which I don't think I've ever played
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    I need to stop spending money on nonsense The case, cover, and instructions are all a bit fucked. Not tested the game yet, but I kind of loved Fatal Fury on the Mega Drive simply because it was the fighting game I had, despite it being more than a little slow
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    I need to go through my MD and SNES stuff soon and have a little purge.
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    I thought that was Thunder Force IV for a moment @DANGERMAN. That's defo one for the collection. So since I'm taking to Dragon Ball FighterZ I saw this for £15 and decided to give it another try: There is a new balance patch next month for the road to Evo so third time lucky I hope. Also, the throw its resting on came today as well so there is a non gaming purchase snuck in there as well, you lucky people.
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    Bought another couple of Mega Drive games, I think they'll be the last for a while, ebay doesn't really seem to be the place to find stuff oddly, there's stuff on there but not a huge variety Galaxy Force 2, whenever I play it, is always not what I thought it was. Its good fun though, basically space Afterburner Pete Sampras still plays ok but I'm terrible at it
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    Went for this (also got Puyo Puyo Tetris in a post midnight moment of weakness).
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    @Nag @retroed Let's go monster hunting
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    You can tell I got paid this week. That’s Enter The Gungeon, Celeste and Darkest Dungeon Stupidly Expensive Version.
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    I guess it really is my birthday
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    Grabbed this while I could. Most retailers aren't stocking it, Amazon and Game have not had it available to order at all. I got mine from Simply Games (paid £28.85 at the time), who are now out of stock. ShopTo have 'last few' available. It's out tomorrow.
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    Snap...👍 It'll be my first time through the game.
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    + a PS4. I'm sooo ill and hungover today and i have a lot of work to prepare for next week. But i'll try to get on. "Gra z języku polskim" means 'plays in Polish' for anyone interested. I really wanted to buy Dragon ball too but i couldn't find it. Maybe sold out, the big electronics store didn't have MH in stock too.
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    This 540-page beast that I backed on Kickstarter in May last year arrived yesterday. It's a beautiful piece of work. Lots of people I like have contributed bits of writing in there, too: Greg Ford, Greg Sewart, Jaz Rignall, Phil Theobald and Sam Kennedy to name a few.
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    So our office/games room/box room has been a bombsite since... Pretty much the last time I sorted it back in November. I've tidied it out, got rid of some of the junk and rearranged the games to make them flow a bit better. It's gone from this: With Xbox 360 and DS games thrown in where I couldn't be bothered rearranging stuff, and another one of those bookcases behind (next to the sofa bed) with the GameCube, Wii, Wii U and remaining PS3 games in it. Note this chaos specifically: To this: The PS4 games are sorted, the Xbox One games are arranged, and the 360 games follow on immediately after. I've moved the extra 360 games to the top of the tv unit in place of the PS3 games, which are now in the second bookcase. Note the lack of chaos on the top: The DS games have been moved too, so the third bookcase is basically a Nintendo one: Excuse the kids curtains and yellow wall. It used to be the baby's bedroom before we swapped them. The whole room feels much better now, way more organised and less cluttered/packed out. Plus I've also got the space to pull out the side table with the Zelda lamp on it. Nice, productive afternoon all round.
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    25% off for the next week. £8.24. I had £8.90 credit on there, so was a no-brainer.
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    Got £129.99 store credit for returning my PS4 Platinum Headset, so bought a replacement and £15 eshop credit. Tried to use the credit to buy SotC but they didn’t have it in stock despite saying so on their website, which was rather annoying. So stuck with my original Smyths order.
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    I was going to grab this digitally at a later date, but couldn't turn it down for £18.99.
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    Almost at the end of my first play through of Celeste. Night in the Woods currently downloading to play next. This machine, man.
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    I’m back baybee. Or at least I will be when the 28gb download.. downs and.. loads. God forbid they should put it all on the disc.
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    So I can finally share my thoughts on this as the Closed Beta isn't under NDA. First I'll go through the mechanics. There's 3 game modes, solo, duo and 4-man ships you can choose at the start, all have matchmaking and put you into a group of randoms - assuming you have no friends available to invite. At first it was quite overwhelming getting used to the controls at what everything does. You've got a Wheel on the Left Bumper which brings up all the equipment and consumables - Wooden Planks, Bananas, Cannonballs, Bucket, Jug of Ale, Musical instruments, Spade etc. They pretty much do what you expect, planks are used to patch up holes on the ship when you get attacked or run aground, bananas heal you if you get attacked by a shark or skeleton, cannonballs load into the cannons on the top desk, buckets are used to get rid of excess water should you get holes in your ship, the Jug of Ale can be drunk and then refilled numerous times until the screen goes mental and you start being sick over everyone, the Musical Instruments are used to play sea shanty's and the Spade is used for digging up treasure chests. You also have a load of weapons mapped to Y, a Musket, a Sniper Rifle - only available in beta - and a sword. And a map/riddle wheel mapped to RB. The weapons all have a good heft to them, the Musket is slow to reload but you really feel it when it fires, likewise with the sniper rifle - which has a cracked scope, and the sword is just a general sword really, similar to Skyrim in its swing speed/weight if I had to compare it. Whenever you select a mission you get either a map or a number of maps/riddles that you have to solve to tick off all the objectives in that particular mission. Maps are all in-game, they never put a marker on your map or anything, what you do is look at the shape of the islands on the map and then make your way down to the huge world map on the ship and identify it like this. With Riddles they'll usually say the exact name of the island you have to go to, you find this on the map, go there and when you explore the island you'll get more specific clues as to the exact location of the treasure like 'when the sky is at its darkest, look south south-east and walk 7 paces to find what you're after'. It's all really well done and puts an emphasis on you having to do stuff yourself and work things out with your shipmates, no hand holding at all. Aboard the boat you've got different elements you can interact with. You can set the sail length and adjust them with the wind so that you get your destination that much quicker, helm the ship, walk up to the bird's nest and keep a lookout for obstacles ahead, drop/raise anchor, look at the huge world map down below, pick up items, store loot, vote on new missions in the captain's quarters and throw someone in the brig or make them walk the plank if you so choose. The gameplay loop - which has been adjusted for the better in the Beta - is essentially this: You spawn on the ship, identify a nearby outpost using the ship map, travel to the outpost and pick up a mission from a dude that's in a tent. Once you've got this you'll get a paper map or riddle in your inventory which'll let you know the shape/structure of the island or give you the name and you'll have to identify this island from the ship map and sail there. Once you get to the island you'll usually have to deal with a few skeletons or sharks. You'll then find the chest you're after - the darker they are in colour the more Gold you'll get for them - along with a few bonus chests that can be scattered about. You all have to lug these chests back to the ship, then sail back to the outpost and sell the chests to the merchant to get gold. As you cash in more and more chests more lucrative missions with higher gold/chests available open up, there is some kind of ranking system in there too as I had the option to buy a badge that would enable me to take on a next tier of missions I wouldn't of otherwise been able to. So you select another mission at the merchant and back on your way you go travelling the seas. The game has a lot of charm to it. The shanty's are all really cool and it really sets the scene when you're travelling the seas and someone breaks out the hurdy-gurdy, accordion or banjo thing. Being able to get absolutely rat-arse drunk onboard and all the shenanigans that revolve around it, like being sick all over everyone is really cool as well. The way that it doesn't hold your hand at all really immerses you in the world, you can put markers down on the big ship map but that's about it, obviously that means folks will get lost much easier but I think it'll be more rewarding and you'll learn more about the game and what you need to do by the way you have to figure out how things work for yourself, I assume there will be a tutorial mission in the main game that'll teach you the basics before you set off, but I didn't see this personally. Another element that I encountered in the Beta but not the Alpha was being able to hunt down other players. We actually only did this once - sunk this guys ship and then killed him - but he had no loot and respawned right afterwards so there doesn't seem to be a big penalty if you do get killed. As for my own thoughts on the game. I was really quite disappointed with it during the Alpha, I had so many matches where randoms with no mic would just pull up to a random outpost then run around getting drunk for 30 minutes like a headless chicken that I just gave up on it after awhile, I did have some really nice missions where we managed to solve 3/4 riddles and get a whole ton of loot but my overwhelming impression of the Alpha was that of frustration. But the Beta has been much better, after finding that frustration come back initially I found a really good group who all had Mic's after half an hour. We pretty much stuck together the whole rest of the session and were coordinating on missions, finding islands, setting sail lengths, digging up loot, knowing when to drop anchor and getting a shit ton of gold at the merchant that it was quite an addictive loop and I could definitely feel myself wanting to play more. I only discovered the Xbox App's LFG feature when I logged off as well, which will be incredibly handy for folks like me in the full game. It is just such a jolly, charming ton of fun. I've done a complete 180 on it, I now really think Rare could be onto something here. The thrill of seeing other real players in their ships on the horizon was exhilarating too. Any questions anyone has feel free to ask and I'll try to answer.
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    Celeste, the new game from the man behind Towerfall. Getting 10s all over the place.
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    Another purchase from my watch list. 10% off until the 19th.
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    MFGamers Podcast - Music From Games volume 2 In the second video game music special, we hear licensed music and remixes chosen by me, @illdog, @mr lakitu, @Sly Reflex and @retroed. Theme music arrangement by me from the original theme by @mr lakitu. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602
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    Late Shift was unexpectedly awesome so I thought I'd pick up the preceding title from the same devs.
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    Celeste/Night in the Woods related action.
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    Even I barely remember what that means @Sly Reflex Here is my latest gaming purchase:
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    Bought a few things in the Lunar sale.. WiC is probably in my top 10 of all time because of the multiplayer. (8v8 but you don't control a whole army, you pick between Air, Infantry, Support or Armour in one big army) The official servers are dead now unfortunately. But I wanted to play after playing Ground Control. GOGs version is apparently less buggy than Steams. Edit: I forgot i also got Homeworld Remastered on GOG too. XCOM i've played to death on other platforms but i wanted to try long war. Twilight Struggle i own on IOS but i wanted the Steam version too. Dark Messiah i've played on 360 but never finished it. Very underrated, really fun. Mainly for stuff like this..
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    MFGamers Podcast - 20 Questions Episode 2 I host a surprise guest who I asked 20 gaming related questions. Hosted and edited by Simon, with thanks to the surprise guest. Intro/Outro by @mr lakitu Background music by @Hendo Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602
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    It's finally dropped to an acceptable price. £4.18 on this week's Games with Gold. Yes please!
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    MFGamers Podcast - Play/Want/Bin January 2018 I host @regemond and @ThreeFour in summing up our Play/Want/Bin selections for January. Theme music by @mr lakitu, background music and edit by me. Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602
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    @Blakey needs to change his avatar to this.
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    I bought another early access Rogue-like Deck Builder.. Seems very different to Slay (cost 12 quid too) but yeah, give me everything like this.
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    Well I've just ordered a copy of Mario Odyssey and a pro controller. Now I just need the console!
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    the second hand copy of rise of the tomb Raider i bought on Amazon had to go back. there was a scratch on the disc that stopped it installing on my Xbox One. However, I went into my local Tesco Express tonight, and found Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Prey. Both brand new, and both reduced to a fiver each.
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    I don't think anyone has started a thread about Doki Doki Literature Club, but I've a feeling that's not quite how it's spelt and the search can be a bit shit @spatular put me on to this but apparently its doing the rounds on some of the bigger forums. It's a visual novel with a slight dating element to it. Basically once you join the club you all start sharing your poems with each other, you get to pick 20 words the night before to impress whichever of the girls you like (there's 3 very distinct girls you can impress) So far that's probably enough for you to judge the people playing this, especially Spatular, but without going in to things and spoiling what the game is, it's very much not that It's free on Steam, seems to have taken everyone else on my friends list 4 hours, I went out and left it running so it's going to take me about 10. Its an interesting thing so far though
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    As i kinda explained in the new purchases thread this is rogue-like RPG dungeon crawl/deck builder mash up that is currently in early access. (it's about 12 quid) When start the game you choose from 1 of 3 characters all of which have different perks and attributes, then another perk/gift much like in rogue-likes/Dark Souls/Hearthstone etc. Your aim is to get to the end of the game without dying as it's perma-death. Game over. I think there currently 3 Acts at the moment and in each map you're given a map and have to chose one of 4 starting points at the bottom, with the boss at the top finishing the act. Once you've chosen you get to pick the next step to move along that path... like this.. - Unknown is Unknown . It's a story event. I could end well (with a new passive perk or something) or badly. - Merchant is a shop where you can buy new cards or items. He usually has some sales too. - Treasure is a treasure chest - Rest you have the option to gain some of your heal back or upgrade a card. - Enemy is a enemy. - Elite is like a mini boss. You see this map even before you set off so you can plan a bit. Do i go after that treasure or have a rest on the other path?.. etc Risk/reward, it's cool. Ok, now the turn-based combat. It's all card/item based. Looks like this.. Like Hearthstone/most card based board games, at the start of each turn the player has a certain about points that they can spend to lay cards. This can be modified with other cards/relics as you progress tho. And like Dominion/rogue likes you start off with very basic cards but after every fight you get to choose 1 of 3 cards to add to your 'deck'. So as you are progress and building your deck, your character is getting better. Enemies/bosses drop loot like money which can be spend at the shop or relics which give you a passive ability. Once you've spent you're points, you end the turn and the remaining cards are put into the discard pile. When your draw pile is empty, the discard pile is shuffled and you start again. That's it basically. It's simple but fuck, it's reeeally good. It merges the deck building with the rogue like stuff really nicely. I wish every turn-based RPG had the same combat/deck building loop this has. It's much more approachable and pick up and play than any card-based video game i've played too. Even more so than Hearthstone. But it still does a lot of the things i like about deck builders. So, yeah if you've ever thought of giving a card game a go but were scared off how impenetrable they can be. Then this maybe the gateway drug. Very addictive. Great game, still in early access too so it should only get better.
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    Just ordered a Switch, so I no longer have to stare at the Mario Odyssey box longingly.
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    I got this cheap on a Gog special offer. And what can I say? It's old school Carmageddon, but with much better graphics. For those that missed this game back in the day, Carmageddon is a racing game based loosely on the Death Race movie. You complete a race in one of three ways. First, win the race by completing the laps first. Or second, wreak all the other racers cars. And if that's not to your liking, the third way is to kill all the pedestrians in the map. There are various power-up to find, some good, some not so good. Examples of the bad power-ups are fragile car, jelly suspension, Jupiter gravity, or your car jumps up every few seconds. For a drop in and out game, it's fun. This version was crowd funded to get made.